August PUP modding//scenario editor - Player Colours Mod

Hi guys,

I found this in the write-up on the August update PUP…



  • Fixes an issue where the incorrect scout unit could be spawned on blank maps.

spritecolors.json can now be used in non-dataset mods and has been relocated to the palettes folder.

  • Fixed an issue where the game would crash if the data file contained a lot of techs, depending on the amount of free techs.

  • Data mods with text should now load it when the dataset is selected, and be unloaded when the data mod is unloaded (return to main menu). Non-data text mods should now also properly load/unload without having to restart the game.

  • Selecting Data mods with text in the lobby/Skirmish now updates the texts of the Civilization Picker and Tech Trees properly.

  • Applying Modify Attribute to Secondary Projectile no longer causes a crash.

  • Game no longer crashes upon resetting trigger effect location in Scenario Editor.

  • Non-integer power-ups ranges are now supported.

  • Power up tasks with less than 1.0f range don’t affect units outside the task’s range anymore.

  • Hotkey profiles (.hkp) for Data mods containing hotkeys.json will now use the ID identifier of the mod for Published mods, rather than the mod name. If a local mod with the same Title existed before publishing it for others, its related .hkp will be copied to the Published profile on first subsequent play.

  • DEAssetTool has been upgraded to DESpriteTool, which allows you to produce SLD graphics from PSD files. For more information, see “Tools_Builds\Sprites” in your game installation directory.

Scenario Editor

  • Fixed an issue where unit upgrades in a unit line (e.g. a man at arms or crossbowman) would not benefit from modify attribute correctly.
  • Fixed an issue where objects that share a training site were also not being disabled when being added to the list. We use the sharedbuildings.json to figure out which unit ID’s are shared.
  • The Regicide Mode is now only available in Secondary Game Mode.
  • Customized units (units with changed names) in scenarios are no longer affected by general changes to the base unit.
  • Fixed an issue where scenarios created in AoE II: The Conquerors and AoE II (2013) without expansions couldn’t be opened anymore.
  • Garrisoned Rams on scenario start no longer have permanent bonus damage; they lose their bonus damage when empty as intended.


What does this mean for player colour mods? You mean that they are now resumed? How do we use them? The mods were awesome!