August PUP - Update 66692 Aug 29

Isn’t this still very easily biased by actual player matchups? Each win is roughly 1.3% change? Even then I’m not sure top 10 is necessarily that much to write home about?

That being said they’re pretty average of the pack on arena even in larger samples

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honestly i’ve been calling for buffs to civs like Koreans for a long time. Yeah, this archer nerf will hurt weaker archer civs, but how many cavalry civs took nerfs this patch too?

and as far as nerfs go, this one is a bit tame. 50 food and gold to an upgrade that was already dirt cheap.


Finally some great “historical” profile icons.


grabbing every straw to justify devs decision on not properly buffing Bengalis.


Thanks. I’d better back up all my graphics then. So this update that it supposed to make the game take up less space will in fact make it take up more space for anyone who wants to do modding.

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I believe that in a future patch they will adress fleming revolution and first crusade… The change to sicilians may be in preparation for that


I finally won Prithviraj 5 and it was partly thanks to the PUP’s abyssmal pathfinding (though it also got in my way, like when I tried attacking a castle with petards and siege elephants and they tried to do so through a cliff)



Haha hopefully they have something like an elephant buff in the works. Or even some kind of ratha tweak.(at least make them easier to use on the UI/selection panel)

  1. Burgandians, Gurjaras and Sicilians.

Btw guys I can’t find it anymore but some post either here or on reddit mentioned the rematch function. Is it included in the pup and if so did anyone try it?

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Hindustanis got hit as well.

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assuming these changes go live the following civs still need nerfs
Franks (team games), Britons (team games), Mayans, Chinese and Poles.

and these civs need buffs
Koreans, Viet (UT swap), Portuguese, Burmese, and Bengalis

The following civs need adjustments based on being better in some maps and worse in others
Persians, Spanish, Turks, and Malay


Will the modded Crusaders have better stats than the Paladin & be unconvertible?

Its just a skin change so same stats as a paladin.


These will make me play Burgundians more, just so I can see the skins more often almost never see paladins lately.

In a weird way I wonder if this was actually even a tiny buff for Chinese. More expensive tech means they benefit more from their civ bonus.

Nevermind their alternate in the CKN

And conversely I wonder if the tech increase actually hurt civs like Malay and Italians more than other civs, since they can age faster but with fewer Res, makes a higher tech even harder to attain.

I’m wondering what can nerf them the most on arena without hurting Arabia where they’re already average. Was thinking probably the gold from stone (reduce from 50 to 25% maybe?) and maybe obuch castle age -10hp?

They need the eco from folwarks to be competitive, elite obuch needs to be strong to stay viable, and I don’t think their UTs have that much of impact on arena.

So unless folwarks gain a garrison ability I think any further nerfs could potentially hurt them too much on arabia


not really a buff, just not as big a nerf as it is for say, Koreans.

they are sitting at a 52% winrate on open maps, and 3 of the civs ahead of them just received direct nerfs.

that’s what i would do.
Folwark to mabe 8% and gains garrison (but no shooting, much like khmer houses).
nerf the gold to stone to 33%.
beyond that i have ideas but its hit and miss.
Obuch loses 1 PA
castle age UT - > 40% cheaper (offset with giving them final armor, or making imp UT affect knights).

as usual these are just ideas.


Not a cavalry civ, at least on paper. They now have arguably the best scout rush in game though.

Why not Burgandians?

Italians, Goths, Dravidians


My bet is also on these 2.

Removing Arbalester, BBC.

they absolutely are a cavalry civ. they lean more into the camel side, but this is absolutely a civ that relies most on its stable.

because i think the nerfs they got are going to get tweaked in a way before the changes go live. my guess the stable discount gets nerfed.

Italians need buffs on open maps only, and small buffs at that.
Goths just need a rework all together and i give up on that civ.
Dravidians I’m not sure one way or another what to do with.

nah. Incas are mostly fine and at best could use a VERY minor buff.

I prefer to distinguish Camel from Cavalry.

Should have clarified the assumption before.

Maybe not after the patch. Small buff required pre-patch. After the patch, a bigger one is probably needed.


Soon to be Goths 2.0

Seeing their pick rate in TTL is as low as Bengalis made me cry. Same for Slavs.

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