August update with no balance changes?

Leitis is the most broken unit in the game=strongest unit in the game

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All of that, plus 20% faster working full Monastery, safe booms against monk/archer/siege pushes with Hill Forts, and an Archery Range that is good enough for unexpected archer/cav archer openings you can later support with Leitis or super Knights. Lithuanians have a ton of options other than straight Leitis and in my opinion are a great example of how a civ without a good economy boost can still be fun to pick.

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Oh yeah please enlight us with those UU stronger than leitis, but without any bonus vs anticav, i want to see how many you can say and of course considering the cost effective factor.

Sorry for the boyard with d, in my language is the way its written lol, but as you can see comparing those 2 units leitis cost almost half the gold, inflicts more damage to the very same units and kills boyar, so the devs really went to high with the leitis buff.

It was unused given they have paladins with extra attack with relics…not because the unit was bad.

It seems that they’ll stop to release balance changes too frequently because they want to see how the civs fare right now.

I think that they’ll change their attitude from frequent smaller updates to bigger less frequent ones.

We’ll be seeing Capture Age probably in the following and maybe an announcement for something else. The supposition is due to the mysterious SteamDB DLC. There are two of those so far.


The cost effectiveness is so overrated and is not a defining factor.

Cataphract is a good example of a much stronger UU, that amount of armor vs anti cav attacks and Logistica, even Boyar is more effective at long combats with that monstruous armor and creation time, supported by that Slavic eco, even fully boomed the Magyars can overwhelm you with Magyar Huszar.

On a side note the Leitis is broken by your experience or is simply parroting what is trending?

@GMEvangelos I had the same issue with @SouMexican

Has everyone in the Team Lobby updated to build 40220?

Isn’t this a must before you enter the game?

Are you playing via matchmaking or the custom lobby?

I played ranked TG and 9 out of 10 times there is a connection issue.

Do you receive an error? What is the behavior when you crash?

There is no error message. Most times we had trouble entering the game after finding a match. Someone would drop either before entering the game or right after game start. Also sometimes I can’t see the map picks/bans, as it’s constantly loading, or I can’t see the queue timer while the host could see it. And once my friend said he saw a black screen after joining the ranked queue. (We all have good network, for sure.)

MP is just not stable at all.

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Then propose a counter buff to keep lithuanians a decent civ. Leitis might be op, but the civ is decidedly nor overpowered and doesn’t need a nerf.

And ooh. They start with 150 extra food. That eco bonus pails in comparison to so many civs they have a bottom 5 eco overall.

And lithuanians rarely get picked in tournaments. Even clown cup where they excel (arena) they got 5 picks for a total of 2 wins and 3 losses.
They were picked something like a combined 3 times in NAC and HC. Now go compare those pick rates to civs like vikings, mayans, and Ethiopians and tell me again that lithuanians are a great civ that are over performing

requires them to get a castle down for the safe boom, so for mid castle age at the earliest. Hill forts isn’t going to save you against monk siege pushes with archer support. Rams will eat your buildings. Monks will wreck any knights you build.

Yeah becausw they are picked so very often in tournaments and put up stellar numbers in them.

Oh wait.

must be Turks buff !

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I can just say I am pretty sad about zero balance changes, but let us hope for the next patch.

Still there are 2-3 civs (Italians, Turks, and maybe tatars) which need something. I do hope the devs will solve this issue…

So, when should the next balance patch be released? End of October?


The strongest unit in the game are Mangudai and they didn’t get nerfed.
Leitis have a reason to get nerf but even with Leitis Lithuanians are not OP civ.

I don’t think the Dev will nerf Leitis, the discussion already exist for more than 3 month.