Aura of civ

This think with aura that give boost at civ is not fair at treaty games .the civ st treaty games are a example from spain musk and lancer .only updates from barracks how aura give boost

Th same happen and the other civ that have aura.for example how british face them?british every time dont take nothing

You do know that other civs have way more cards to upgrade their musketeers or skirmishers, meaning the DMG aura of the Spanish priests just evens the playing field.

A perfect example, your Brits can easily get musketeers with 400 hp and 59 attack in the late game - without any native buffs or whatever - so I’m not sure what you want.


Exacly in late game as you say.un late

Please clarify what you want to discuss, because after that last sentence you completely lost me.


Knowing dokimos, hes become increasingly frustrated with the implementation of buffing or debuffing “auras” or boost areas from the type of things like dayimo, unction priest, warchiefs, griots and flags etc. His arguments are that these auras make treaty unbalanced as the aura civs are able to stack buffs cost effectively better than lower tier treaty civs like italy brits ports etc.

Not agreeing fwiw that all are op, but helping him present his argument.

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Thanks man, now I understand the problem. Well yes I’m not a treaty player myself, however I still think that these auras a mostly balanced looking at Spain, Japan and the native civs. Can’t say anything about Hausa and the like because I simply never played them :confused: