Idea: Civ with settler wagons like Germany, and based in mercs, that can ascend ranks as they kill, and recruited at normal military builds.
Maybe 50 vils Max, and 20 wagons, so they have to mass rank at army and end with op soldiers 4 win the match

Or just play Germans and send merc camps in ageIII.


Not this again


There are billions of existing threads about this… no need for a new one


Tell that to the Poland spammers :rofl:

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In the games about history always we can play both Western Rome and Byzanthium. And some forums ,wise heads" telling that Habsburg Austria and Prussia/Germany in similar case can’t be equal nations from the start. Some people from some reason telling that one of Devs in 2019/2020 said that Austria not will be added. They dont see that from time Developers change they minds about many things like faction packs to AOE 2 DE. And majority of Habsburgs Empire were not Germans at all but other nations like Czechs , Hungarians , Slovenians , Bosniaks , Croats , Slovaks and others. After the split option there be good possibility to add interesting missions about Silesian Wars and other battles between Empire of Habsburgs and Hohenzollern Prussia. ,Germans" are not option for game which adding new factions and is more detailed game on this aspect much than 2005 with 8 factions. Much better is option with independent Austria and Germany/Prussia. I dont wonna rework of Germans now but in some time. Now we should have option to see Denmark and Poland , new mission , new maps. Then Korea , Persia , Brazil , Argentyna , Paraguay , Siam , Mayans , Zulu , Morocco. Then 2026/2027 Prussia & Austria , Crimean Khanate and Zaporozhian Cossacks. Good idea is to add new campains for example 7 Years War , South America XIX c. Wars and African Campaign with two existing for now african civs and Zulu. I hope that most of ideas will be implemented by months , years. Also ,Germans" rework in AOE 3 and ,Slavs" reworked in AOE 2. Reason is simple- now AOE franchise is more detailed about factions than 10 or 15 years ago. That’s good because these civs are interesting and also important in the period od games and all franchise have good future in the next years with new Dlc’s.

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It wouldn’t be so bad if these kind of threads were formatted nicely and had some more thought put into them, rather than AUSTRIA CIV followed by one idea.

@HilarioFarinas - If you want a proper discussion please give us something to go on, other than a couple of ideas. I find using this format works well (and certainly would bring more serious discussion):

  • Civ Name:
  • Civ Home City:
  • Overview (a short summary of the civ):
  • Bullet-point civ features (i.e Royal Guard units, civ traits/bonuses and general age-up mechanics):
  • Unique Units:
  • Unique Buildings:
  • Revolution options (if applicable):
  • Example Home City Shipments:
  • Accessable Mercs, Allies, Natives to civ:

The disclaimer of course is that the idea Austrian civ frequently gets suggested which often gets a groan as some people think Germany as an umbrella civ is fine as it is (encompassing Austria and German states), some feel they are distinct enough to warrant them as a civ, the Developers themselves have stated in one instance that they will not be splitting the current Germany up, and many would rather see the resources being spent on creating a whole new (i.e. non-Euro) civ or two.

Of course, as you’re a first-time poster (welcome!), you wouldn’t not have necessarily known this, but you do now! :grin: