Auto gathering houses are a problem

i’m very hyped about the game. however, I am worried about the auto gathering houses. I was glad that this mechanism did not exist in the presented civs before.

In Aoe3 it has always led to massive problems and unbalancing.

if you only think of the Japanese, the Swedes or now the new African civs.

I hope you can handle this with the balancing. But the step is not a good one from my point of view!

The African civilisations don’t have auto gathering houses.
Also none of the AoE4 civilisations seem to have any unique houses besides the Chinese village that is just a cheaper way to get population.

They are referencing the new hunting cabin of the RUS. It is supposed to provide a gold income which increases based on how many trees are around and most likely from gaia kills (even though this seems to be bound to a different system called “bounty”, interactions unclear so far)

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Probably similar to the Imperial Officer of the Chinese in practice.