Auto Hunt for Professional Scouts

New thread because original stress test one was deleted.

I started by suggesting an auto hunt feature for scouts with the Professional Scouts tech. These are the responses some users had:


I’d rather people had to micro it as then it rewards player skill and the ability to multitask


/uploads/default/original/3X/b/1/b105e6f827fa1b60c2799a0e81789eea5632e21c.mp4 I would say fix the auto queue and we have a middle ground challenge of micro.

Yeah I agree on rewarding the player’s ability to multitask, but consider then making it less time consuming to actually give the scout the orders instead of shift clicking deer → tc → deer2 → tc → deer3… and so on. It should be localized though like with villagers, not just clicking a button and the scout hunts for the rest of the game.

Frankly I would settle with right clicking a deer makes the scout kill it and take the carcass back to a tc/mill. That way you could just shift click all deer in the area instead of going back and forth. Maybe this could be activated and deactivated with some kind of toggle on the scout’s actions. That way you could have the scout just stay in place after picking up the carcass like they do now.