Auto Multiplayer Scenario Transfer Added

Just seen in the last update multiplayer scenario transfer support has been finally added! Time to get designing. :slightly_smiling_face:

What are people looking forward to hosting? Something tells me it may include lots of wolololo!

On a more serious note as a Scenario designer from Age of Mythology I look forward to making a few compatible game modes that don’t require extensive nsice triggering like Cat and Mouse, Castle Blood, etc. Some might need some creativity to get around lack of triggers but should be doable. :slight_smile:


I think about mini games for people who have only some minutes to play, a map that wouldn’t be worth to be shared without a auto share feature, something like a micro game 10 ballistas vs 10 ballistas, or a priest battle, I think we can imagine many of these and auto share feature would enable playing them very rapidly.

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