Auto re-seed, auto-attack completely broken for me

I’m not sure exactly on which update this started, but auto re-seed is ridiculously unreliable for me. I’ve noticed at least three issues:

  1. After my mill (with auto reseed on) was destroyed I built a new one. This one had auto reseed turned on, but I was unable to toggle it properly. It would sometimes toggle if I clicked five times, sometimes ten times.
  2. Villagers constantly fail to reseed farms even though auto reseed is on and I have plenty of wood. I don’t get an expired farm sound, they just stand there doing nothing.
  3. Villagers stop reseeding the farm halfway through and I get an expired farm sound, even though auto reseed is on and I have plenty of wood. This happens at various stages of the reseeding process.

This isn’t happening once every three games for me or something, this is probably tens of times every single game and it can really throw a wrench in the gears, especially for #2 where I don’t get an expired farm sound.

Another issue is units not auto-attacking. They are set to an attack stance, but they will literally stand there with another unit smashing them in the face with a sword… and do nothing. Just stand there and die.

Has anybody else been experiencing these issues?

Nothing for me. Ig the best you can do is to fill a report and join a recorded game where those bugs happen because this sounds like release day-level bugs.

Will do, I figured it must not be terribly common since I didn’t see it being discussed here. Though I know at least one of my friends is affected by the same bugs.

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I haven’t had any problems with auto reseed, but sometimes, units don’t auto attack enemy units nearby. To me that seems more like a pathfinding issue though. I haven’t had a case where units who are next to a unit don’t attack back.