Faced an arranged team in 2v2, opponents were saracen and persia, which would result in dirt cheap xbows with bonus damage to buildings (thanks to saracens) Arranged team gives a huge boost, and the way the persian xbow works, while being able to survive long enough with hill forts makes for an incredibly imbalanced game…

I’m not even gonna try those odds… Quit as soon as the game started…

if you make these kinds of teams, even more people are going to drop (like myself) along with every harry and larry who drops because it isnt their favourite map and so forth… over compounded teams just makes this worse… i aint saying don’t do it, just dont complain when you need to queue for even longer (and not get the score because we drop within 1 min, until devs change this)

Team Games are made for this kind of Unbalanced approaches.

Saracens with Ethiopians, Mayans or Britons is even more OP, since one gives them anti-Building machineguns, another gives them Ranged Rams, and the last one gives them mini-Trebs.

It is obvious that this game was never balanced with Team Games in mind, and never will be.

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You can pick civs too?! What is the issue?
Some civs have great synergy. Use it too!


i agree man, its awesome when i play with my own arranged team and make a fantastic combo, but then im not surprised when the enemy drops as soon as the game starts…

but then again when im not in an arranged team trying to get an awesome combo with someone who doesnt speak my language is pointless, same as trying to do any form of coordinated attacks, the 1 issue compounds with the other issue… its not a bad thing, its just something that results in yet another reason for players to drop,like that guy who was complaining about meta civ picks vs random civs (who clearly isnt alone in his feelings)

The whole point of the game is that you can do that too if you want. By the way dropping as soon as a game starts is a really dic k move. Startegy is a major part of the game, its not all micro you know.

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  1. If you want to find teammates and your friends do not play, try looking on the discord channel.

  2. Persian + Saracens isn’t even that strong a combo, it’s situational at best. Trash xbows only comes in very late game, and even then it’s just a better trash unit to counter halbs because no arbs.

  3. It’s your freedom to drop but don’t blame it on the other team.

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