Auto unit production is not bad for the game

Did you even read the OP? That’s exactly what I’m analyzing.

You can make autoqueue as expensive as you want within the framework put forth.

Yes. I understand what you’re getting at.

Here’s where I disagree. I see no meaningful argument towards making auto production a thing in the game. If it were to be done it’d literally just be change for change’s sake. Change, just for the sake of change, is automatically bad for the game. Thus, that’s a refutation of the claim that it’s not bad for the game. It is.

Unless you’d like to make a cohesive argument as to why we should want an auto-production option, or otherwise argue that changing things just to change things is a good thing, that’s my refutation.

Of cource I read it…hence my reply…???

The poll indicates a large fraction of people want an autoqueue which is basically broken (N=0). Its a biased sample but biased the wrong way, forum users are much less casual. I had a suspicion this was the case which is why I made the post and the poll. So the argument of why it might be considered is that a lot of people seem to want it.

Not bad for the game indicates anything from being neutral to being the next best thing since sliced bread. In this case the point is that if the causal player base wants it, it can be designed such that it doesn’t really affect the non casual player base.

So the “should” argument is the casual player base seems to want it. The “should not” argument is that you can design it such that it heavy affects competitive play. I personally care more about people not talking past each other and communicating within a common framework.

Then I dont understand the response. I laid out in the OP you can make autoqueue anywhere from overpowered to prohibitively expensive. Which autoqueue (I described a family of them) in the OP is the problem? It doesn’t make sense to claim all autoqueues are bad, that’s the point of the post.

aoe2 is real-time strategy. the problem is that shallow 200-pop land-only maps (the ones where people want autoqueue) are what matchmaking gets filled with, whereas RM is about something else entirely (small groups of villagers on different resources. some water. some land. conflict in every age)

this endless unit spam with massive economies to sustain them is an anomaly, not some core feature of the game. real aoe2 does not need autoqueue, but it would help people in this dumbed down version of the game where everyone gets triple-digit villager counts and nothing happens until max population

at the very least, there are good reasons to include it for singleplayer / lobby games as an option because it’s just a UI shortcut to save people from repetitive stress injuries

It means I do not like the Idea, I don’t want any auto aspects in game, but if it were to be added ,the best way for it to be added could be as 1 civs bonus.

And lots of other people do like the idea. So what is your proposal for reconciling the differences between those two groups of people? I made one framework for reconciling the differences, shouldn’t be too hard for other people to do it.

A poll would be pointless for this proposal as most of player base are casual players who will always support the next thing which makes the game easier to play and takes an element of skill or effort out of it as it will benefit them the most. Regular players who’ve built up to benefit from this the least will say it feels cheap that a portion of how good they are is gone from the game and for anyone that says that adding this makes mundane decisions avoidable and makes room for better gameplay/strategy is missing the point that this style of micro management gameplay is core to the game and should not be thrown away this is an old game after all and a remake of that. If we make the game auto everything it would destroy the charm of this game and it just wouldn’t be the same anymore

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:scroll: Let it be known that the council of voices in my head hath reached a verdict on this above statement: Agreed.

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I agree, which is exactly why I made a framework where you can control the amount of skill that is “lost” with the introduction of the feature.

There exist tons of frameworks for balancing the concerns of competitive players vs casual players. I gave only 1.

It is just intellectually dishonest to claim that every autoqueue implementation will cheapen the game.

my 2cents: you can cue up units even though you might not have the pop space, game sees this as a required resource just like its food cost etc, its just handled a little diffefently.

i think actual testing of the different methods would be required, i know i wouod have to test it to really know what is better.

other than the time im making 5th 6th 7th ish vill i never feel the need for auto cue. with hotkeys for select all tcs, barracks, stables, it seems kinda irrelevent.

thats it, c ya guys later :slight_smile: