Automatch in spectator lobby - Needs better naming

When searching to spectate games in DE, everything shows as Automatch. Id like it to have the player names so we can recognize which games to watch. Or else its always us having to click through each game to find who is playing in which


Names are searchable using the search bar in the spec tab. We shouldn’t have to do this, but it is a tool at our disposal that I don’t think many have noticed. Happy speccing.

Edit: This doesn’t work anymore. I thought I got it working during the beta. RIP

I can’t seem to find anyone by name through the searchbar.

I think the rooms could easily be called something like “XvX [MAP_NAME] [RM/DM]” as a room name and have the search by name working properly. With extra points for a “Show Friend’s Game only” checkbox.

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Yes, indeed! Now it’s a pain that try to find some good game to spectate. Worse, I know someone is playing a ranked game, I click all the game in my list and still can find his game. Why does this happen?

It ‘s really hard to find a game I want to spectate. And now the filter function is hard to use. For example, I click the “Ranked” option but it still show many unranked games.
Searching function is very useless, can only search for lobby name instead of players’ name. The most worst is, I realize that I can’t see all the games which are playing now and could be spectated. I watched one streamer streaming his ranked game. and I wanted to spectate the this game in game. I lauched the game, went to “spectate game”, and clicked each lobby in the list and could not find the game the streamer was playing!
All in all, if we could not find the game we want to spectate in “spectate game” lobby, what is point of this browser? I can’t find the game from my friends or those famous players, all in my list are games played by someone I don’t know. I can’t see their ELO so I am not sure if they are noobs. I believe that no one wants to watch a strangers’ game especially they are noobs.
Please upgrade the spectate browser function!

Big upvote on that. This UI is just a mess over many places, makes me kinda sad.