Automatic control group appending from unit production buildings

In a late-game scenario, it’s common to have 100+ military units of your own on the map with several others in the production queue. The most common tactics involve, for example, control grouping very important and expensive units like Siege and “ignoring” some trash like Halberdiers, which is a bit silly, Halberdiers are also very useful! Sometimes you also don’t want to control ALL of the Halberdiers, so double-clicking them may not be the best option. At some point, control group maintenance becomes extraordinarily difficult since you’re throwing loads of units all over the map at once, dying by the second and removing them from any control groups you have, which limits the amount of micro that you can feasibly do.

Would the game benefit from having a button on production buildings that would specify a control group to append newly produced units to? This way, you could manage a large front or multiple fronts without clumsily drag-selecting the units you want or by selecting all of them, without worrying about resetting control groups. Something like this could also make unit combos easier to manage. This would also help alleviate the problem of newer players forgetting about some military unit lost somewhere in the map. The button would also have an option to not send anyone to any control group, of course.

The natural disadvantages of this would be that double-clicking a building-controlled control group would mess up the camera and you’d lose a little bit of control over the control groups, since you’d be delegating their creation/appendage to the game itself. Also, I swear on my life that I’m not a micro nerd, but I am a noob, so there’s that.