Automatic garrison

Good morning, information.

but the old automatic garrison (bell from klikkare in the city center) no longer exists? in case it would be very nice to put it back

You can select any number of villagers and hit the “seek shelter” key.

This is much, much better than the town bell in AoE2 (which should never be used).

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huh, so thats what it does, handy, also yes town bell, aoe2 and 3 as well as i think aom, best avoided, personally i just do it the good old fashion way: select threatened vills, garrison hotkey and right click to garrison, or alt right click to do the same, in aoe3 i can just right click to garrison, but i never use that simple garrison in 2 DE or 4 due to resource dropoff being a thing, unless i manage to perfect the method i use for aoe3 to use in 2 DE as well, then slowly transition it to 4 as well, muscle memory takes time

I think that automatic key was convenient because it sent the inhabitants automatically into the first useful garrison, but now you have to do it manually.
thank you for the reply.
but what is the hotkey for automatic garrison?

true points, but most people don’t use it precisely because you typically don’t want all vills to garrison

lemme check real quick, only playing aoe4 sparringly

Edit: ok checked, its G in fully remapable mode, and either G or T in grid

thank you, you have been very kind. pity really, I really liked the bell very much. thanks again to you and everyone

That is also what the seek shelter hotkey here does. They will automatically go to the closest shelter. Except it does it only for all the villagers you selected and not your entire economy.

Then there is a key at buildings to ungarrison and send everyone back to work.

It is straight up an improvement over the town bell.