Automatic monk healing working as intended?

Whenever you have a monk nearby a damaged unit, the monk will heal that unit automatically without any input from you. However, if you have multiple monks, only one of them will heal the damaged unit unless you specifically task them to do so. Is this intended?

I feel like this is making monks way, way worse than they probably should be for healing expensive units. Obviously monks are a combat asset already for being able to turn around knights, or convert Mangonels (w/ redemption) but their healing is being hamstrung by this and I don’t have a good guess as to why.


Are all of the monks equidistant to your charmed units? Maybe they all see that one monk is closer/the unit is out of range so they aren’t bothering? Either way yeah only one monk autohealing isn’t super efficient.

I set up 1 ETK trapped in palisades, three monks at 6 tiles away (max healing distance on Teutons) and 3 arbalests at 8 range to shoot at the ETK. When the scenario is run, the archers all fire at the ETK and one monk (seemingly selected at random) starts to heal. I can task the other two to heal, but without tasking, they sit there and watch.

Same scenario, but multiple separate ETK’s in the same situation and 12 monks, seven archers. As the archers plink away at the ETK’s, one monk per ETK starts healing, leaving me to manually assign the rest.


Okay so its def just one monk. I guess the question now is if it’s a bug or if it’s a purposeful nerf to make micro a stronger option.
I hope it’s not the latter. Micro will always be more effective and people like me generally don’t have it in them for much micro.

Monks are already micro-intensive units. Do they really need healing micro to be added to it?

Personally I don’t think so as I tend to use monks less due to their micro intensity but I’m not sure if competitive players agree with me as I’m honestly pretty awful at RTS games.

They’ve always worked this way. Only 1 monk automatically heals one unit. Reason being balance.

When multiple monks heal same unit, then all monks except the first heal at 50% rate. So maybe avoiding automatically healing same unit is beneficial by allowing those monks heal other units at 100% rate.

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