Ayyubids are broken

This civ is a complete joke.
Getting units super early that counter archers AND pikes.
And they age really fast to age3.
This is completely broken, please hotfix this bullsh*

Civs that you can buy should never be better than already existing civs.
Different yes, but not beat them hard at same skill level.
This is entirely unfair and breaks the balancing in ranked.

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I don’t know if they are broken or not, but you could deliver feedback in a more appropriate manner.

I have always held the opinion that variants were just going to be improved versions of the originals. But, when you put it like that, it is a bit awkward that ZXL (China +) is only available for more money. I would say the same for the others, but I don’t have experience nor do I know how they actually perform in good hands. Although I have heard that OOTD is the worst of the bunch.

Ultimately, my issue was never really about balance. Good or not, many of the variants should’ve just been design changes added to the original civilizations. The variants focus on more fun elements of the originals, leaving them in the dust, designwise. ZXL is basically what China should have been, and even takes from the original China before they got nerfed (such as gunpowder range from Pyrotechnics).