Ayyubids Desert Raider Weapon Swap Glitch

When you switch from melee to ranged with desert raiders, it can happen that they now have the ability to shoot while moving (like Mongol mangudai).
It only works as long as your still moving, when you stand still, they cant attack while moving after.
Seems pretty broken if people figure it out

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Heyo, thanks for posting. We figured this out together while watching a replay of my game. This is my summary:

Game Version:
aoeliverelease 2 age4

I played a Solo Ranked on the map Gorge vs a Japanese player. I trained a Desert Raider and engaged his scout in the middle of the map. I went into battle in Melee mode on the Raider.
I “attack-moved” after the scout and switched to Bow mode. Here comes the bug: my desert raider started shooting while moving (like Mangu-Dai) for 3-4 shots.

The game was played on 20/11/2023 on my account. The replay can be watched in my Match history (I’m doctorDulli), the incident happens at ~ 7:10 minutes into the game.

I reproduced this in a bot game while attacking a deer. Attack moved it from afar, then switched into bow shortly before getting into range. Can’t get it to work consistently though.