Extremely happy with the name change, but I have one minor nitpick for consistency reasons.

Please change it to Ayyubid Dynasty. The Ayyubids are not a race of people, but an Empire. Going by the race, it should have been Kurds. Ayyubid Dynasty also sits well with Abbasid Dynasty, unless that’s what the developers wanted to avoid. Names like Ayyubids should be given to races of people, like Indians, Chinese, Japanese, Byzantines, French, Spanish, Arabs, etc.


The name Ayyubids match most of the other civs called after their people not nation. We have Byzantines, not Byzantium, Japanese not Japan, English not England, French not France, Mongols not Mongol Empire.

It is slightly odd that it’s different between Abbasid Dynasty and Ayyubids though.

All of those you mentioned are races, not dynasties. Imagine these:

  1. Macedonians (Macedonian dynasty of ERE)

  2. Hautvilles (Hautvilles family of Normans)

  3. Habsburgs (Habsburg dynasty of HRE)

  4. Tudor (Tudor dynasty of English)

  5. Dynasties of China as individual civilizations

Many of those would be cultures or culture groups. I suppose a better example would be Ottomans or Byzantines.

Abbasids are called Dynasty, because it is supposed to include the Mamluks whose rulers shared the same Abbasid dynasty. That is labelled dynasty because it includes more than just the Abbasid Sultanate or peoples.

If anything Ottomans and Ayyubids could be changed to sultanate to match Delhi, but I suppose they go based of peoples instead of empires in many cases?