Azap should only have 13 range

Azap range should be nerfed to 13 range and be given +1 range for veteran and guard upgrades for a total of 15 range so they can deal with 14 range goons. They are currently broken in age 2 and can kite musk very easily with their 4.5 speed and trade effectively against crossbows cause of their range. We need this nerf this patch, let’s get the likes going.


there’s no reason for them to outrage regular dragoons.

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They are suppose to counter dragoons at range but yes even 13 range might be too much but remember coraleans, bolas, and cruzob all HI that get 15 range fully decked out. Makes the unit more viable when dragoons get +2 range.


Port dragoons and WW get somewhere in the range of 18 range? So azaps should match these. But i agree, they need range nerf.

I think 15 range is enough, throw in some abus with their longer range and you’ll be fine. They have 4.5 speed and can get into range easily, ottomans will be fine.

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