Aztec walls arent a buff! We need one

The first of all, thanks devs for fix this in the PUP, it was necesary since the launch. But aztecs need a bit of more love, every aztec player think that they are soo predictable and some units need a bit buff like coyotes, that dont work effectively against skirmishers without too much lategame investment.

Also some cards like “Chinampa” or “Great Chinampa” arent comparable with other civs cards. An example of this is the industrial age card from Incas, it boost agriculture by 20% (same as “Great Chinampa”) AND boost build and tech times.

Also europeans get “Refrigeration” and “Royal mint” in age 3 that boost every source of food and coin while “Chinampa” only boost 10% of agriculture.

Finally the aztec wisewomen gives a 20% boost (natives get less 30% from techs) in age 5 plus 2 farms, at this time most farms are built, while lakota wisewomen boost hunt by 30% and give 15000 food by bisons (which are gathered faster than farms).

An idea could be becoming great buttons like a militia button from USA, with a cooldown and giving more units in later ages plus an “arsenal” tech (in IV) paying more of course through ages


Lets also not forget that Aztecs have only 1 food and 1 coin upgrade available in the Market.

Most of European civs in the beginning of Commerce Age have already researched Hunting Dogs (+10%) and Steel Traps (+20%) while Aztecs need to have Farm to research any food upgrade above Hunting Dogs. Farm/Estate is a huge investment so advanced food and coin technologies aren’t available to Aztecs in the early game being a serious economic disadvantage for them.

Maybe giving one free Farm/Estate Travois to every Council Member while advancing to Commerce Age would be a nice buff to Aztec economy. Farm is a slow source of food but it would allow Aztecs to research advanced food technologies and gather food faster from hunting.


Thats a issue for every native civ, also give a farm travois become travois cards more useless than they are now. An option in the middle could be a less price for the first one and enable estates an earlier age. Nobody want get res from this buildings until natural res run out.