Aztec will now shatter light infantry

Aztec will now shatter light infantry

Aztec is now stronger against light infantry. Making light infantry alone will no longer stop the Aztec. Light infantry’s ranged attack now deals less damage to Aztec ranged shock infantry and Aztec hand shock infantry. Despite being nerfed, Aztec Eagle Runner Knight still easily kills ranged infantry. Aztec is harder to beat now.

Ranged attack multipliers of light infantry

2x ranged shock infantry

0.75x hand shock infantry

Light infantry have a 2x positive multiplier against ranged shock infantry in ranged attack. Light infantry have a 0.75x negative multiplier against hand shock infantry in ranged attack.

Here are the new multipliers in the march update:

Ranged attack multipliers of light infantry

2.5x ranged shock infantry

0.5x shock infantry

In the new update, when you multiply 2.5 by 0.5, you get 1.25x. So light infantry would have a 1.25x positive multiplier against ranged shock infantry in ranged attack. Their old multiplier was 2x, now 1.25x. This means light infantry will now deal 0.75x less damage against ranged shock infantry in ranged attack. Light infantry have a 0.5x negative multiplier against hand shock infantry in ranged attack. Their old multiplier was 0.75x, now 0.5x. This means light infantry will now deal 0.25x less damage against hand shock infantry in ranged attack.

The light infantry change is not a buff aimed at the Aztecs, it is a change for all civilizations. But the Aztecs are the only ones that received such a strong nerf.

The Aztecs don’t have cannons, grenadiers, or any units that deal ranged area damage and also don’t deal siege damage to units. Therefore some of its units must be superior to the European or Asian ones when facing infantry (both light and heavy). That function was covered by the ERK. Also, the ERK wasn’t good against skirmishers; it was much better than the dragon, but it was still a bad idea to use ERK against skirmishers. It also couldn’t against heavy melee infantry and it didn’t work against cannons if it was alone.

They nerfed the ERK against the heavy infantry, but did not buff the Jaguars or the Otontin. They nerfed the ERK against skirmishers, many will say: “but they improved the coyote”, but the coyote is the equivalent of cavalry. What do the Aztecs have to cover the lack of cannons and grenadiers? Furthermore, it is assumed that for every unit there must be at least two counters; The only counter for the Aztecs against the skirmishers has been only the coyotes since TAD.

Many are thinking of improving the jaguar, the arrow and the otontin. But what unit will be able to fight from a distance against the infantry under artillery fire? How would arrows work as an anti-infantry unit if they have 3.75 speed and don’t have any way to increase it? In maps where a funnel is formed, the arrows could work, but in the rest of the maps the rival can “ignore” the Aztec army and go directly to destroy the community plaza and the villagers, since the arrows would arrive too late to eliminate the infantry and artillery (horse artillery is very fast).


March PUP notes stated the following: “Light Infantry units: Skirmisher and Foot archers have their ranged damage multipliers reduced by -20% against Heavy Cavalry and -33% against Hand Shock Infantry…”

they said that skirmishers get a bonus against hand shock infantry of 0.67, not 0.5 against shok infantry.
they also said:

"Eagle Runner Knight:

-Added a 0.75x multiplier against infantry to all ranged attacks.

-Lowered range resistance to 20% (from 25%)."

so according to the notes ERK deals -25% less damage against light infantry and has -5% less armor and light infantry does not decrease its bonus against ERK. I haven’t tested the changes though; maybe they have made some changes since they posted the patch notes.

I don’t think it’s a good idea to strengthen the ERK against light infantry either; The ERK already works well and there are already many complaints about that unit (somewhat unjustified complaints in my opinion)

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It only affects hand shock infantry, not ranged shock infantry.

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there is a hidden nerf

Current the multipliers are x2 against ranged shock infantry and then x0.75 against hand shock infantry

So currently skirms do full x2 against ERK

in the new patch they have strandardise it so its x2.5 against range shock infantry and then x0.5 against all shock infantry

so the net multiplier for range shock infantry will be x1.25

so it has just gone from x2 to x1.25 which is kinda massive

edit: so just to do the math, skirms will do 40% less damage to erk in particular

Personally I don’t think it’s that bad

Other than the japanese pike unit, Macemen. And Azaps which are supposed to hard counter eagle runner knights all heavy infantry have melee resistance not ranged resistance.

Check PUP values, They also raised goons/RSI multipliers.

for goons the net multipliers are still the same

its 2.5 x 0.6 = 1.5

currently its 2x0.75 = 1.5

For ERK now its just x2

PUP it will be 2.5 x0.5 = 1.25


My maths was wrong. I stand corrected. Go ERKS !
EDIT : current patch ERKs take 1.5, not 2

But i thought aztecs will be useless /sarcasm

Shock infantry is classified as light infantry in the game codes? If so it would make sense, if not you guys are off.

Light Infantry= Shock Infantry.
Here are the Tags of the ERK:

huh they fixed that atleast cause it used to be coyotemen

yeah cause its the old term for it which is how its showed in the file

The newer usage of light infantry refering to skirms and archers are listed as

That’s melee, not ranged.

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Regardless, if the unit has the tag, skirmishers deal less to said unit. Correct me if I’m wrong.

I’m not sure I follow… yes skirms deal less damage in melee to ERKs but the point as I understood it was that on the current patch skirms deal 2X vs ERKs and on the next patch it will be 1.25X ERKs.

It’s also important to note that ERKs deal less damage to skirms and have lower ranged armour though.

I’m still confused why you chose to show the melee multipliers of a skirmisher when skirms are a ranged unit and primarily used to counter ERKs in range.


As I remember the tags are in the code as follows:

“abstractligthinfantry”= ERK + coyote + rattan + shotel + etc

“coyotemen”= “abstracligthinfantry” - ERK

“abstractrangedshockinfantry” = ERK + nothing

(The tags in the code can be somewhat confusing.)

So, skirmishers used to have a X0.75 bonus against “coyotemen” and now they have a X0.75 bonus against “abstractligthinfantry”. Considering the X2.0 bonus against ERK, skirmishers now have an effective X1.5 bonus against ERK. that is, its damage has been reduced by 25% against ERK. on the other hand, ERK now has a X0.75 bonus against all infantry; its damage has also been reduced by 25% against eskirmishers. additionally ERK armor has been reduced from 0.25 to 0.20.

In summary, the ERKs have been slightly weakened against the skirmishers, but their battles will be longer and the ERKs have been heavily weakened against heavy infantry, especially musketeers.

That seems more reasonable. but in my opinion there is still a lack of improvements for jaguars and otontin. Even so, I don’t know if everything will be compensated; The ERK were characterized by being able to face the infantry under artillery fire.

ok so there seems to be general confusion regarding these tags and multipliers and some aren’t distinguishing between ranged and melee attacks

There are a couple more unique units that are also ranged shock inf (abstract coyo is for hand shock inf - this is a better way to sum it up and the abstract ranged shock inf is self-explanatory).

indeed, some are from as far back as the war chiefs and others we’ve introduced on DE

in melee*** at range this will be 0.5X

i have no clue what you mean when you say “now”… is “now” the future or current patch? because to me, “now” implies current patch but you seem to be speaking about the future patch in the present… so let me explain below what the multipliers are currently and on the next patch

on current patch skirms have a full 2X vs ERKs in melee and at range, on the next patch it will be 2.5(0.5)=1.25X damage at range and 2(0.75)=1.5X in melee

We will certainly be seeing how this pans out when the next patch is released and what/if additional adjustments need to be made to the Aztec unit roster/other civs’ units interaction with them.


my mistake, I have been referring to the current patch in the past and the future patch in the present; I should have referred to the current one in the present tense and the future patch in the future tense.

So, considering the changes to the ERK’s armor from 0.25 to 0.2, skirmishers in the future patch would be dealing 66% of the damage they currently do to the ERK. while the ERK will deal skirmishers 75% of the damage they currently deal to them. That is, the ERK will be strengthened against the skirmisher and weakened against the heavy infantry.

I see a possible problem; ERKs with a card have a range of 16 and speed of 6. while musketeers have a range of 12 and speed of 4. if the skirmishers aren’t strong enough the Aztec player loses a lot of resources when using ERKs against skirmishers , then the ERK could be turning into an OP unit.