Aztecs and Halbardiers

Why don’t Aztecs get Halbardiers? Is it because Garland wars??? It’s incredible that a +4 attack compensates for not getting +16 in bonus against Cavalry. Oh, no, it doesn’t compensate for it!!!

+16 vs cavalry? Its +10. +12 if you count the 6 attack vs 4.

So they miss +8 damage after garland. but also produce 11% faster.

Furthermore aztecs are more then fine.


The best monks and garland war champion arent bad vs generic cavalry.

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Many civilisations have holes in their tech. Aztecs are a great rush civilisation. You can rush an enemy with eagle warrior preventing them from making awesome paladins. Therefore you do not need halbs.

Paladins themselves are mostly viable in team games you have access to trade. Due to their high gold cost.

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Aztecs is designed to be weak in late game

To be fair, Atlatl skirms are far cry from a weak trash unit at the very least.

Pikemen are still okay vs Paladins anyway, I think the biggest difference is just against Elephant civilizations.

in what world? Paladin stomps Pikeman, hell even vs Halberdiers, Paladins are good and you need to do miracles after your 1st wave is defeated due to pop efficiency and he camps your production buildings.

Pikeman just gets destroyed by Paladin, Garland Wars or not.

Because they are strong early midgame civ that falls of in late game, and because nothing would kill garland war halbs + aztec monks.


Yes. and also Aztecs is designed to be beaten by paladin, if opponent civ can survive the early aggression of Aztecs

It doesn’t compensate, sure but Aztecs with their OP atlatl skirms and the extra gold relics would be hella more scarier with +4 attack halbs in trash wars.

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potentially even the best skirms for trash wars currently (though dravidians and vietnamese may have a word on that, too)

Paladin running around dodging SO as opposed to hitting Pikeman and taking SO shots = pikeman is viable.


This is the standard scenario for paladins in 1v1 lol? Pikes/halbs acting as meatshield against arbs or siege. In team games sure, pikemen don’t work and pop efficiency matters more over there

of course it doesn’t compensate, in terms of damage math. but why would they need to be the same in the first place? isn’t that the difference in civs some are more powerful than the other in certain areas?

just leave aztec alone it is fine as it is


Whoops! I believed pike’s bonus was 16, not 22.


Yeah, for some reason, I used to think the same, it was only recently that I realized I was wrong, not sure why that changed for me, or where the original thought came from.

Glad to know I’m not alone.

Sure, in a 1v1 they do, but it isn’t cost effective. Paladin comes very late, by which time you should have enough production buildings (with Aztec production speed!!) that once your pikes jump out, you don’t want to fight them. You’ll just starve yourself from gold.

And once gold is gone, Pikemen do far better against Hussar, while Aztec skirmishers are very strong. You could argue instead that Aztecs are weak late-game due to missing a trash cavalry option, as even with Pikemen in base you can get raided to death.