Aztecs, Mayans, and Incas Oh My!

Well to be playable a Historical game has to make compromises.

By direct comparison in my opinion AoE2 did a better job than AoE3, because Aztecs in AoE2 are playable in PvP, in AoE3 they are a disaster.

I personally think the game has to offer both way,

somebody who want to play pure Aztecs faction should get bonuses
somebody who want to play a playable Aztecs faction should get access to essential tech.

There will be less factions in AOE4 so they will likely not include Mayan since Incas or Aztecs would be more fit.

No, they are a great rush civ, and in the late game they can have the biggest army possible by abusing the big button techs. They also have the best navy among Native civs.


True. I have a friend who is a aztec main, and i never could imagine he could have like 50 soldiers in 10 minutes of game. One guy in the forum also mentioned how aztecs were a good counter to french, considering their op curaisssers.

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What?I hope they save aok civs.i can’t imagine a medieval era without franks,germans,turks…

At least Britons and Mongols are saved I guess, and since they want the game to have that AoE2 taste they won’t scrape that many AoK civs. Now that I think of it no one predicted Vikings would be in, even tho they defintely should. Also there will be Chinese, they are in all Age game besides on the DS 11