Aztec's minuteman

Does anyone think Aztec militias are too strong? These guys are trained too quick by Priests. the Aztec can defense most of the age 2 attack easily with militias and a small group of army. Which makes them can boom safely and quickly :roll_eyes:


Agree, warrior spam is quite quick from the 10 priests community plaza, and priests don’t have the yield and attack Halved in cover mode, it‘s too tanky to be killed : /

1- They need 10 WP

2- They are trained 1 by 1.

3- They have the same stats as european ones.


I agree, you have to nerf them.

The ideal, for me, would be that they can be trained in potholes of 5 and not 1 in 1. And after summoning them, they cannot be called again for a period of time, like the minutemen of the USA.

Even an improvement could be added, such as the European and Asian ones, that improve the number of recruited warriors or their HP.

It could also make them spawn at the TC and not the plaza, or weaken them considerably if they stray too far from the initial TC. There are several players (myself included) who use them to attack more than to defend.


Totally agree, my suggestion would be to simply reduce their max HP to 180 and have them spawn 10% slower.

Even 4 warrior priests pump them out fast and they can’t just be ignored.

I find it mildly entertaining to see aztecs warriors go from meme tier bad to “nerf plz”

I think its good to finally see them being useable, although i do agree a batch of 3 or 4 popping simultaneously for a greater time cost might be healthier?

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its because of fencing school, this card affect warrior priest and mm and then those unit train 40% faster after that

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1- 10WP for aztec is not really hard. Although the aztec can’t train 10 wp under the rush, not all nations can rush aztec. What’s more, the wp itself is a strong military.

2- 10WP can train a militia in few second. It is so quick that even if you can kill them one by one, they still can attack your military one by one.

3- European militias spend resources and could only be used in one time. which means that whenever you attack the aztec, they can always call militias to defense you.

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yes, and the wp do not occupy the population, which makes Aztec’s build smoother

oh no, maybe i was killed by you few days ago :laughing:

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Nerf for Aztec’s Minuteman? Very bad idea.
Just play a few games as Aztec and you will know that Aztec are in trouble if Warrior Priests are being attacked in Community Plaza. If you want to call Minuteman you must keep them dancing which is exposing them to being killed. If you hide them in TC, you are not able to call Minuteman.

Aztec can boom and defend early aggression? Even if they boom they will be out-boomed by England, Portugal, Japan, China, Dutch, Sweden.

I played tons of games as Aztec and I stopped playing them because it so hard to get a good result with them. Try them and you will understand their issues.


You can’t just ignore the 6 instant warriors that pop out and go for the hidden behind-base fire pit in addition to the other units being thrown at you + TC fire + WH fire. It’s a win-win for hte Aztec when all of that is out on the field.

however, the wp DO NOT have a punishment of attack and rate of ceremony when they are in the cover mode. which makes them really imbalance

Of course you can’t make a WP boom to match with a rush civ like Russian. But don’t forget most of the civ can’t rush aztec. After all they could have 2 skeleton and 3 jaguar warrior to help militias to protect the colony.

I correct you, you have to rework the Minuteman of the Natives

As I said above, if you could recruit them in groups of 5 or 6, and then not be able to call them for a while, that would be a nerf for Aztecs, but a major buff for Lakota, Haudenosaunee, and Incas.