Back to age of wonders in team games

Sadly this is back and 3 out of the 4 4v4 games ended in a wonder win. Before you say it…play some 4 v4 and try and counter it. In 2 of the game other 2 people just left even thou they would win and so a 4v2 and still cant get to the wonder in time. Theres 4 layers of walls now and towers every place. No way in hell your getting to that wonder.

1)Early rush? Nope(unless all 4 attack1 which wont happen)(they wall early and use all there stone resource to make more walls)

2)Take the sacred sites. Nope they just reset the timer sacrificing all army and then your dead. This all takes time to get castles in and all to guard. its to late then. THERE WONDER IS MADE ALREADY

3)Mass bombards - nope they move to slow and normally the team that has the wonder has nothing but anti seige ready. THERE never going to make it in time and also getting hurrassed all the way by armys just looking to kill seige. you can guard it yes but all this take time that you dont have.

Please devs just remove this from team games.!! Theres no counter play here!!
This makes team game total crap. Its not fun to do or play agaist.

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i bet if they checked the winrate of building the first wonder in 4v4 low ELO games, it would be like 80% or more, when it should probably be more like 50-60% no higher

imo, at the very least, the wonder cost should scale with team size

the point of wonder is that you take a HUGE economy hit for the win condition

6000 is peanuts for a 4-man team
24,000 sounds a lot better

but on the other hand, aren’t wonders a dead strat in higher ELOs?

I think they are a cool part of the game and should stay though, just balanced better, and maybe balanced differently from low ELO to high.

Someone at an Agile Sprint must have excitedly decided to ‘make wonders viable’, lamenting the absence of wonders in Aoe2.

Now we all must suffer it because ‘it’d be a waste’ to remove it…


I don’t think it’s necessary to remove this option. If you want to play without this possibility, just choose rooms without win by wonder active.

  • It is absolutely urgent that they increase progressively, according to the size of the map and the number of players, the price to build a wonder and the time to complete a win by wonder;
  • In addition, the visual and audible warning that a wonder has begun to be built must be radically improved.
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I haven’t seen a wonder for a long time.


play a random 4v4 and you have a 80% chance to see one.
Its toxic and not fun.
6000 resource is laughable. I can get that with china in under 15 to 20 min without tring. Be in imperial age and ready to place it. Other Civs can get it even faster they this depending on the build.
It is just boring and frustrating to play against.
mabe if they made it 50k resource of all to build then it might be balanced. Even then it would be possible strat in 4v4 due to big maps and protected by teammates

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I’m sure people build wonders a lot in 4 vs 4, but my team often rushes in Feudal, and we don’t often get Hill & Dale.

I mostly only play with a team on voice, which seems to help a lot.

Before the cost increase I would totally agree with you, but I haven’t seen a wonder for so long.

In my 3v3 or 4v4 games there is constantly pressure from feudal, intense war on castle age and usually when we hit imperial, one of the teams is weaker due to lose some battles and map control and gets totally wiped.

Imo, you need to make pressure in feudal/castle. The matches will be more interesting.

But if you just sit down till imp age and the other team goes full eco to build a wonder…

As a suggestion, play less random 4vs4 and you will tilt less. It’s a pass to Imperial and 6k resources of each, for God’s sake, what do u play, “no rush 40 minutes”?

MABE your right. 4v4 is just all noobs really.
Just take wonders out of 3v3 and 4v4. they can NEVER BE BALANCED!!!

Awesome suggestion.
let devs fix TGs in aoe4 based on feedback? No, just play less.

the most triggering part in prev part TGs were playable. in aoe4 it’s sheet

It is an incorrect feedback based on a player who plays with a team that plays pacifist until almost 1 hour passes and the other team do the wonder because they do not attack.

so other team also do not attack =\

RTS game without attacking. awesome balance. economic win in civilization

Have you tried to gather 6k resources of each while the other team is attacking?

You need:

  1. army to defend
  2. tech to not be wiped by the other army
  3. maybe some castles, and of course buildings to produce your army

It’s impossible to gather that amount of resources if you are fighting.

Of course, if you just sit back for 40 minutes without really do nothing, don’t be surprised if the other team put a wonder, in fact, the purpose of wonder is force the game to finish.

Without the wonder victory these dudes would be playing sim city for 2h.


I had played many team games in the last days. Zero wonder encountered. I don’t know how long was your games, but for me it’s hard that goes longer than 45 minutes

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