Backup and Restore hotkeys?

I’ve made a lot of changes to my hotkeys.

Where are they? I’d like to back them up so I don’t have to re-do them when I move to a new PC.

PS: Boy who dreamt up these default keys anyway? There is so much room for improvement. **

You can locate and backup you hotkeys profile file at “USERNAME”(Documents)/Games/Age of Empires 2 DE/“your steam id number”/profile
I have no clue how you do that with a Microsoft Store version though.

The default DE hotkeys are a grid system, which graphically lines up with where the creation options appear on screen, so it actually makes sense. I’ve changed it though, because it wasn’t efficient enough for me.

My ‘go to’ keys now are all ‘ctrl+’ the following:

A = Archery
S = Stables
Z = Barracks
X = Siege workshop
C = Castle
V = Blacksmith
B = Monastery

All my build units (and upgrade) keys are all in one place.

That ‘A, S, Z, X, C’ block let’s me bounce through all my ‘build military’ buildings really fast.

Some other little changes… no reason ‘Go to Market’ has be ‘ctrl-M’ when ‘M’ is way easier.

That’s because they kept the old hotkeys for quick jumping to stuff, way back from AoC or thereabouts.