Bad CD key from Steam? Gifted steam copy

Hi All,

I recently bought the game to be able to play with my brother. I installed steam on a new laptop and logged into my old account (The one I used on my PC previously). My brother than logged on his steam account on my old PC with aoe3 installed. He proceeded to create an account and got ‘‘Bad CD Key error’’.

This was bought on steam during the summer sale. Can aoe3 being already installed interfere with the new account? We tried simply uninstalling and reinstalling libraries on steam. Also we uninstalled from control panel and reinstalled on steam platform. Still same error. This is frustrating as it is a legit copy. I can clearly see 2 different CD keys, one for each account.

Thank you for your support!

Yes, you must use a registry script to remove any previous CD keys from the system (reinstall doesn’t remove them).

Additionally, Steam ran out of valid AoE3 keys during the sale, so you will need to wait for Microsoft to resupply them. This should be a matter of days.

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Hi Eaglemut,

Thanks for your answer. I am aware of that script. Unfortunately, it didn’t fix the problem. If the CD key isn’t valid, then how can I get a new one?

Well, like I said, you will need to wait for MS to activate new keys:

Yeah I read that…

I meant will it be automatically replaced (like the CD key will change when viewing it from steam) or further action is required?

I don’t think further action is required, the keys should be activated retroactively.

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