Bad CD Key?

Hello, I am trying to play online, but every time I try to login I get a message saying: "Account login failed: [100] Bad CD Key. However, I got this game on Steam and every time I open it, it shows me my CD Key. Even if I try to create a new account, it gives me the same error.
Any help on how to solve this issue would be highly appreciated.
I already tried uninstalling the game and re installing it with no success.

Can you post a screenshot please?

Here you go.

Is that Vanilla? If so, refund and buy the Definitive Edition.

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Did you install the Multiplayer Patch ?

Other thing: if you want create a new Account, create it with the original game (there are some Bad CD Key issues if you do this with the Asian Dynasties DLC). But you can play with the extension after.