Bad memory from AoE 1

I remember like it was yesterday: in Brazil the almost only played Random Map mode, with Low Resources, revealed map. No one wanted to explore anyway; it could get more “random” (a bad thing for the Brazilian community.)

But the bigger problem was that the game was all about rushing to Bronze Age and attack with a few Chariot Archers by 15 minutes. At patch 1.0b, There were three used civilizations: Shang, for the cheaper villager; Phoenicians, for the quicker woodcutting, Yamato, for the fast villagers and cheaper cavalry, and Assyrians, for the fast villager + fast attack rate archers. Then some cheaters came in and, after a long time, patch 1.0c was released. The developers nerfed Shang and Phoenicians but kept the Assyrians. A 12-civilization game became a monotonous 1 civ game. Even the Yamatos were forgotten. Three units were produced: villagers, chariot archers and catapults. Nothing else.

So please, don’t create ANY feature for ANY civilization that could make it faster to develop. No cheaper or fast moving villagers, no rapid woodcutting, nothing please. Keep the game diverse!

No need to worry. They will balance the game well. (I hope)

Is it in 1v1 or also with more player ?

tbh i remember there were more civ used, though Assyrian was the clearly dominant one.

Also, if you play on map with water it can shift the power level of civ, i belive too much game were played on highland.

The problem is not the Assyrians being overpowered. It’s the chariot archer that is overpowered. The only reason Assyrians are powerful is that they can get chariot archers out first and there’s nothing in the game that can counter that. There will be civilization bonuses that make some civs faster than others, but they will be balanced so that each civ has its strengths and weaknesses.

Did you ever install the upatch @OpenedRaptor625 ?

Apparently it had balance changes, and the team making AoEDE is using the upatch as a basis.

I think chariot archers need to be nerfed so that other archers could potentially compete with them. Maybe reduce their range from base 7 to base 5? Improved archer has 6 and composite has 7

I don’t think it makes to reduce their attack, but it should be harder to shoot from chariot than foot archers on the ground.

Or just make them slower

@kinzo: I forgot to mention that that was the rule for 1v1, 2v2, 3v3, 4v4 (laaaag at the time) and also 5v5 if it existed.

I also forgot to mention that the Brazilian community only accepted one type of map: Inland. No highland, and obviously not water or islands. So there was no question to the assyrian supremacy.

@qweytr24: actually it was the fact that the stronger Chariot Archer was also in a civ with faster villagers. An unbeatable combo. In the game, there were civilizations that could destroy the assyrians in the late game, like the Sumerians and the Hitites because of their strong catapults. But it was virtually impossible to a player playing one of those to reach iron age. If they reached, the assyrian opponent would already be far away in economy due to its faster 90+ villagers.

@Lithen777: that could be an idea. OR making the cariots more expensive.

@Raw1812: never heard of that :frowning: