Bad movement behavior when told to move to a building

Before the new update, I’m pretty sure when villagers were told to move to a building they’d move to the nearest point on the border of the building. But since the new update it seems instead they move to the point on the border of the building that’s closest to where the cursor was when I clicked. This is bad behavior in most situations.

In the video clip I told some villagers to drop off resources at the town center and then move somewhere else (in order to build a building, gather a different resource, whatever). The two villagers gathering resources moved to the nearest point on the town center, dropped off their resources, and then moved to the indicated location. But the other four villagers, two of which weren’t gathering resources and two of which were gathering resources but weren’t currently carrying resources, walked to the other side of the town center first!

I clicked on the center of the tc, but because I clicked slightly up and left of center, the closest point to the cursor on the border of the tc was on the upper-left side. Apparently this caused the four villagers to walk all the way around the tc instead of taking the short route like the other two villagers.

Thank you @FavouredCrowd96! The video is very helpful. The team will investigate.