Bad news: It seems highly likely that the community challenge is going to fail

The average number growing every day for this week is only around 2,500. It’s not enough to achieve the 200,000 goal in the remaining 8 days.


Some of us on Discord told them to lower the requirement. Sigh.

It’s a dumb reward anyway.

It does indicate that there is now a need to entice new players/bring back old ones with substantial new content.


They literally offered nothing new this month. It’s unrealistic.

And it’s not in summer. There is no advertising. There is no momentum. How would anyone think this is easy to achieve?

Only good news is that the 6000-7000 peak players seem to maintain. But without constant support, that will drop as well.


Not to mention it’s been over a month and still no hotfix.

I don’t have any experience with how F2P games work but my basic understanding is that they are updated on a regular basis to keep players engaged. Why do I get the feeling this was done with no master plan in place?


Either make constant small events and updates to encourage more “unique players” to come back…or don’t set such objectives at all. It’ll make everyone look bad.


the best one is even that a UI on the Main Window of the Game is obviously bugged or wrong described. Like 200k “unique” players. I mean for everyone its obvious that they mean 200k Games because surely AOE3 DE had never ever 200k unqiue players. And yeah it will be a though one to hit the goal.

I uninstalled a few months back. Theres nothing for me in the game atm.


I’m curious what has changed with the management and direction of this entire series. They have been making really dubious decisions since last year.
Maybe even earlier, since the BS “25 Anniversary” with 30min of singing and “cannon galleon”.

But of course I’ll never know.


They are setting up AoE3 to fail. If these community events are their measuring stick to see how involved the community is, then of course AoE3 will look like a “dead game”. As I said in another thread the Free to Play system they created was a good idea, but it alone is not going to keep the player base interested for a long time.


It all seems to coincide after Shannon Loftis retired. Maybe that has something to do with it idk.


Yeah setting a ridiculously high goal and not helping with it is a typical way of “politely” laying off people…as well as projects…I just don’t want to point that out.


I honestly think they went overboard with the pink outfits. A little more imagination could work wonders.


Or a real historical person or uniform, rather than some silly fantasy character.


It looks like they’re maybe testing the waters with these meme-characters so people won’t be too upset if they fail. She might still get through though but we’ll have to see. I also feel like they’re not just gonna dump these assets that they spent time and money making, maybe if they fail the only way will be to buy them in a pack later? Who knows, AOE3 seems like it’s in a somewhat confused place at the moment.

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I played and probably won’t get it, so I wouldn’t buy it

I’m wondering if the smaller group of players who logged in (let’s say 190k players) will still get it anyway. It seems possible that the “goal” could be when they call it early if it’s hit, but idk

game is dead as there is no hotfix. dev even said they have no news on any coming hot fix.

any game with game breaking balance bug will be dead if not hotfix within the week following.

The player number is pretty health actually, if you compare to similar games. It’s just not the best in this series.

Any other game developer with this player number (or even smaller) would spend more efforts to keep it active. COH3 had been a complete mess losing 90% of the players yet they still tried to rescue it.

And this is a remake. It’s not very expensive (I suppose) to support.

But no.


We also need to keep in mind that school started in many of the regions this game is popular in. This will have an impact on the player base.