Bad system for elo scoring when a player disconnects

Hi. I just played a ranked game, and I dropped at 13 mins because the internet went down. I lost 33 elo for this, so I’m rather salty. The thing is, I was 200 points ahead in score, and was in a much better position. I honestly believe that I would have won the game. So, now for the suggestion. If players disconnect, instead of punishing the player who disconnects, I think that either the player with the lower score loses elo, or the player who has had the lower score for the majority of the game loses elo, because what happened to me is unfair, and makes no sense. I’m not optimistic about any changes, because the devs rarely seem to do what the people on the forums actually ask for, but does anyone else agree with this. If we can’t stop the disconnects, can we at least penalize the worse, or likely worse player rather than the one who disconnects?

Better idea: If the player with the higher score drops, no-one loses elo. I’m also fine with the other player gaining elo like the current system, but people shouldn’t lose elo for forces outside their control.

This post is really funny…
Man use your brain: what would happen if the guy with higher score wins? Well rigth: every game with a tryhard in would end within first 10 minutes, as soon as the tryhard has scorelead he uses ALT+F4. So looking at that your recommendation is just silly
On the other hand: you lost the connection, and therefore only one to blame is you.
As well: if you are the better player it should not be hard to get the elo back, why would you even bother for elo, you dont get paid for ur elo, it is just to make close matches, dont be too depressed bc of some points

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I guess so, didn’t really think of that. At least, if the player with the higher score drops, no-one should lose elo.

I guess, but I don’t want to put in the work if I can avoid it by not dropping.

Scores are really bad in determining who is winning. For other games as well, if a player drops it is considered a loss.

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Two points I have on this:

  1. any system like this is open to abuse. People deliberately disconnect to save them losing elo.

  2. losing elo doesn’t feel good, but remember your elo is there to make your games as close to 50/50 win as possible. It doesn’t really matter what your elo is, it matters that you’re getting good even games. I try and remember this often so I don’t get too annoyed at myself or any disconnects.

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