Bad, Worse AOE3

It is really so shameful. From update to update, the game gets worse again. Countless path errors, many bugs and especially since the last update impossible jerks and lags in the game, so that a normal game is not possible at all. And then there is the Elo system. It is unbearable when I play 8 out of 10 games against opponents with 150-200 Elo more. Where is the sense in that? Do you want people to leave even more and not play the game anymore? And the balancing of the players. It is impossible to play sensibly against Swedes, Spaniards, Dutch or Portugal. These games are 90 & lost before they even start. The windows are so thin to defeat these nations, finally do something. USA just the same. 2 months out and 3 updates since then and no change at all. While the many options are great, the ECO is so lousy. Do something about the Russians too. Unplayable in age 2, the units are really rubbish. But they probably won’t react anyway. You don’t react against smurfs, cheaters, you can report as you like. No reactions :smiley:

Very very broken the whole game.


Agreed that USA urgently needs a buff, carbine cav have been terrible since release as well, why are they still not buffed.