Bais towards ever increasing pop-efficiency

With the new DLC, we now have a civ where cav has reduced pop cost.

I’m thinking, maybe the devs realise they need to do something about elephant units being too pop-efficient, but everyone will get mad if elephants cost more than 1 pop.
So instead (though I doubt it’s planned) they’re working towards a situation where eventually most civs will have half-pop-cost infantry, and maybe also half-pop-cost foot-archers and .75-pop-cost knights.

I don’t think so.

Also there are a lot of civilisations that just have a lot stronger units and therefor are more pop efficient.
Frankish Paladins are a lot more pop efficient then anything the Georgians have.

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so far 3 out of 45 civs have extra pop…(malay not counted because karambit is literally as strong as half a unit)…so not a trend at all