Balance about Bohemians

I think yesterday’s balance should give Bohemians available to upgrade to siege rams so that the Bohemian players advance to Imperial Age could have different choices about siege.


We can see that all civs except Bohemia about Slavs such as Poles, Buglars, Slavs all have siege rams. So Bohemians should have siege rams too.


Right now there is no civ that have bonus Halberdier with both Siege Ram and BBC. I don’t think they will go for this route since it would be quite overpower


But you can see that yesterday’s so-called balance made the upgrade cost too much to make players to prefer, so I suppose the balance team should give Bohemia another choice if they remain the high cost of houfnice which costs two kinds of resources over 1,000.

@Green4uu What about this idea? Do you think Bohemia should be given siege ram?

no I think Siege Ram is very niche and would do little in improving the Bohemians. Siege Ram is a nice unit and it can win games but the situations where it wins games are very few, it’s a bit similar to Paladin in terms of what problems it has, it’s expensive, takes long to research, and works only if the opponent is on the right units to kill (in case of Siege Ram, a bunch of trash units with low melee attack, in case of Paladins, a person without Halberdier tech yet and not too many Castles). To make them viable you could give them Thumb Ring (but then it’s basically another Japanese copy, i.e. a very boring civ).

Or really just keep the Houfnice, increase food cost by 100-200, that should punish early Imp Houfnice timings which is probably what the devs wanna address, giving other civs a bit more time to punish fast Imp Bohemians builds. And late Imp they will be the same as before, similar to Ethiopian BBCs or Turks ones.

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I would rather the cost remains the same and the hit range remains as well.

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I would give the Bohemians other options, for example, redesign their UU to be more viable. They could fix the recharging of hussite wagons, they shoot secondary projectiles instead of the primary projectile after reset. They could increase their speed again, since they realized hussite wagons are not OP anymore as the DEVs thought. They could give them thumb ring or bloodlines. I do not think siege ram would help them, the cost are high, still they will have problems with skirms now. There is no unit that can kill mass IMP skirms after nerfing houfnice.


Bombard cannon if fine, if houfnice is out of reach you still got options

The Bohemian nerf seems excessive. The civ is already not good on water, not good on arabia, only good on closed land settings.

I could never afford Houfnice on open maps anyway. Now they’re essentially an arena-only unit.


Bohemians gameplay would not change much even if.they can get seige ram. I would suggest buffing Hussite wagon which is useless now.100% agree Houfnice nerf was unnecessary.


Byzantines do not have bouns with bombard cannons.

He said “civ have bonus on Halberdier” not having both SR and BBC. But Byzantines do have both. But it is not actually that of big deal that using both SR and BBC is rare.

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Bohemians were obviously busted. People here are saying Turks Turks Turks, but in reality Turks need MUCH more micro and skill with their BBC than Bohemians with Houfnice.

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