Balance and rework

Please dont take numbers as exact, they are open to change. Dont burn me with pitchforks and downvotes please. These are just crazy ideas to discussion, nothing to get angry about. Please use this to discuss ideas rather than binding me on a wheel throwing vegetables telling me how bad my ideas are. These are mostly design changes not balance.


-Guild hall needs cooldown of 10 seconds for every 200 gold collected and max 2000 gold can be collected at 1 time. Or it should not generate gold after uncollected 2k.

-Extending chivalry to maa?


-Steppe redoubt can be reworked into units killed giving gold rather then increase in gold storage. Villagers should give extra raiding gold.

-kurultai reduces the cost of horsemen to 80 food only(60 or 70 maybe) while keeping the healing.

-steppe raider upgrade for horsemen that gives +2 armor, +5 building damage and +3 villager damage

-Steppe lancer unit from aoe2 to aoe4 for be used at age2. This unit can replace horsemen too.

-mangudai can heal like french knights(maybe, so mongols allways produces 5 of them to raid vils every game like french does with knights.)


-HRE can only earn gold from 3 relics(it can store 5 of them other 2 extra can be used for other buildings). Each relic gives 200 gold instead of 100. 3rd age landmark increases this to 300. This can be changed to hre relics give extra 30(or 50 I dont know) gold but bonus is lost when 3 relics are placed in reignitz.

-Burgrave also can train stable units so hre dont have to build 3-4-5 stables costing them extra 500 wood. Or burgrave Can create units half the cost like how swabia creates cheaper and faster villager so that hre can use this landmark for 3rd age rush and reignitz for 4rth age booming and upgrading units.

-Aachen also acts as mill, meinwark researches %50 faster with every age up


-abbey of kings give healing aura to every tc and castle and allows for enclosures to be researched at 3rd age.(so gives easier time to play defensively for english so they can play fast castle into knights)

-council hall can train crossbows. Gives longbowman unique upgrade +3 attack against armored targets at 3rd age(maybe fourth age maybe +2 at 3rd extra +1 or 2 at fourth age I dont know but main use of councill hall becomes use and maintaining of longbowmen up until the end of game)


  • chinese start with extra 2 villagers (can be 3)


  • camel riders have +10 attack instead of +10 cav attack bonus(unit costs 240 resouces, maybe it can be only +10 cav attack buff)


-delhi war elephants can charge like knights(with much higher cooldown) but deal trample damage and do not get stunned and damage negated from bracing, do not forget they are still slow even when charging(if numbers are tweaked can be saved from being op, tower elephant is the unit that allways used. I also find cool and historical because many large armies run from elephants charging. Would be a good unit for large masses of melee units. 3 or 4 of them should cause melee armies to run away fun to watch elephants screaming)

  • Cost of the elephants can be reduced a little bit alongside their hp. Elephants usually die last in battle, they are not targeted first because their damage is low compared to their hp this also causes their price to be higher making unit worth less than what it costs. If their attack is buffed then they would become the best unit because that would be impossible for a weaker army to kill 1. If the hp is nerfed then weaker army can single out overextended elephants and punish opponent’s mistakes easier)

-Delhi gets camels too(It would be fun to have a civ that is like zoo civ)


-Rus have pro scouts free. Maybe hunting techniques free.

Some of the minor ones

Attack move should not attack buildings in it’s path.

There is a army command that makes your unit like pyramid. That should have some use.

  • mangonels should deal heavy damage to a small area like aoe2 rather than hitting a very large with damage increasing into the center.

-walls have -10 or higher torch damage armor if not completed.

-takes %25 slower to build castles or after a certain number of villagers castles dont built really faster with extra villagers. The main point of this change is to limit the fact that castles are getting build too fast on battlefield. You shouldnt be able to build castles on battlefield, only in safe places.

I agree with this; in AoE3 buildings under construction were more fragile than the finished version which made sense to me. Building / repair still feels a little out of whack to me right now; repair times seem much too fast while buildings or seige are in combat. It also feels really bad that as soon as a stone wall begins construction, you can’t shoot past it with a crossbow or attack it with a spearman despite it just being a few stones on the ground.



The only thing I could ever say is that your balance ability is worse than Relic.