[Balance] Bring Back AOC Arabia

He used to play feudal age too

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He is actually very good at adapting to changes. He stays consistent on what his end goal is, but he’s very capable when it comes to adapting his build to get there.

@BomberGriffin I dont ask for the old Arabia nor the new one, both are bad, it’s about the number of trees per woodline rather than any other factor.
It’s an endless battle, they will never reach a point where it’d be balanced unless they regard this factor.


Hi @IRCketchUP It’s Shawn :slight_smile:
I want Arabia to be more open obviously, however there is a way to do it, you cannot enslave every civ into skirm defence mode. That’s what happens with the current New-Arabia, they killed diversity and the spectrum of possible strats is too tiny.

I want LESS woodlines, therefore less points to connect wall into, HOWEVER more trees per woodline, so you’d still have a reasonable amount of wood income to play with, plus the fact 1 Archer wont be able to shut down a whole lumbercamp by just standing on the other side of it. I want commitment, investment, forward towers, MAA+ Archers, and not just status quo safe play.

In other words, to bring AOC Arabia back to the map pool, a decent version of it, where there are no cliffs, ponds or anomalies.

Behold an Arabia map pack in the Mod Center which includes AoC Arabia, and a “dry” version of AoC Arabia which does not spawn oases in woodlines. This is very useful for players wanting to compare Arabia then to Arabia now!