Balance changes from July Update guys!

That’s wrong I think. They were pretty dominant (and still will be).

Overall I am very happy with these balance changes. I think they did a great job with considering ideas from the community, but still only doing changes which are actually good for the game (which is harder than it sounds^^). I generally like the approach of doing very small buffs for weaker civs. That makes them just a little bit more interesting, but doesn’t risk pushing them too much.

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This is actually the most underwhelming change. Maybe, Italians are now the worst civ in the game since the competitors have been buffed…

Getting a buff to a unit which you do not use by design is a meme buff.


And that’s actually a problem because bizantines didn’t need such a big buff. Now they literally counter everything.

Italian do have the n1 spot on water tho, while Portuguese, for instance, had to bear with being good in imp only even on water maps


i don’t think Portuguese or Koreans got buffed that much.


yeah, no they won’t. Cataphracts still stink vs Archers, and all they did was make it 600 food cheaper to get Elite + Logistica. which still costs 2000 food and 1400 gold.


how much of an increase do you think we will see for people playing Byzantines now though guys?

Sure but the game should be decently balanced around 1v1 arabia.

The proposals of the community where pretty modest and they do not touch the late game. Like free archer armors, or +1 PA archers… plus the fix to the almost bugged GC…

I do not understand this lack of love for Italians and Turks…

Overall now they are superior to italians

I will be a new cataphract player :slight_smile:

Tbh I do not expect a huge increase, but at least catas will gain a role

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you can’t say that without testing. keep in mind before this change

Koreans and Portuguese were down at 41% on Arabia overall

and below 40% at higher levels.

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they had a role. they were just expensive.

exactly, i meant that. With the cost reduction of the upgrades, they have a role in the sense they can fill it

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Not sure about Koreans, but the porto buff is very relevant.

Now imo there are just 2 weak civs in the game: italians and Turks

but is it 5% boost relevant? I cannot honestly say it is. Koreans were bad before they even had the 15% wood bonus added, so how much better are they after saving 5% more?

not saying i don’t feel for Italians, they definitely got shafted if you ask me.

They’re still among the most expensive UU, both cost and upgrade wise and still have 1 base pierce


its either them or berserks
Cataphract 2000 food and 1400 gold
Berserks 2550 food, 1200 gold.

so it depends on how much you value food? is 550 food worth more then 200 gold?


Caravels are now 10.4 gold expensive than Portuguese Galleons, I don’t think the cost adjustment was needed.

I also don’t understand how the 0.4 gold is gonna work out


Don’t forget War Elephants

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1900 food and 1500 gold.
forgot about them. but still.