Balance changes on reddit. I like them

In 1v1 you most likely wont get either… and tg you can most likely get to both

I kinda agree with the changes, even though some might be extreme → but we can go for it and see how it plays out. After all, we’ve got the community beta going - so throw some changes and adjust them accordingly → a lot of us would love to jump in and playtest them, then give a feedback on how it’s going.

Also, i kinda feel like the devs mostly ignore the proposed balance changes by community/players (though i might be very wrong with this), but try to come up with their own ones…as if to prevent anyone from having the “idea credit”:slight_smile:

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They could be regular kipchaks and not the elite ones.
I don’t see any of those civs prefering regular kipchaks over their own CA. While it could be of some help for civs that lack range options or when you find yourself in a situation of needing hit&run tactics.

They could take longer to train or cost high amount of gold. The idea is imo much better than what we have now. There are plenty of way to balance it.

If turks are the only civ getting op with that change, then and little nerf to turks gunpowder bonus could make up for the general gunpowder buff.

It still doesn’t change balance by any means and give a really nice flavor to the mercernaries theme. I would love it to be implemented because of the creative aspect rather than the gameplay one.

As I said before. If it fix gunpowder but makes turks op, then nerf turks to balance the matter.

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This bonus is actually a very good one if used properly. I wouldn’t remove it just because some people don’t know how to use it

I think Korean need bloodline or Plate Barding Armor + Blast Furnace. Not wood discount buff. Korean really need good hussar, but korean hussar is really…bad

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Oh no, be reassured that any HC-like unit would be too good with such a change. Arguably conqs would have the potential to be worse than those two.

Buffing the ~30% of shots that miss at max range and happen to hit something seems unlikely to break hand cannons. If 50% of missed shots hit a target its a 10% buff in damage per volley. I mean its not like HC are some powerhouse as is.

It might break conquistadors.

I think it would be a good buff, all missed shot that hit another target should do full dmg.

If anything, reduce a little conqs dmg if it is OP, the elite version will probably be fine without changes

Actually, best korean buff would be a franks nerf

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Honestly the feudal Steppe Lancer is fine. With those changes they cost almost as much as a scout food wise and almost as much as an archer gold wise. That’s really expensive in feudal and they die faster to archers than scouts. I prefer this version to others I have read because it gives them a niche.

It has 5 more hp and 2 more attack than a scout, while costing less food (the harder resource to gather) and immediately scales better in castle age than if one massed scouts.

Against a civ with terrible archers (Bulgarians, spanish, slavs etc) it would basically be a go to unit on maps like acropolis… When i start a match as mongols “You better double wall mofo. Because SL will beat you”

Wtf would you only compare it to archers?

There’s a difference between burgundian LC in feudal and a mongol or tatar SL in feudal…

Disagree. For a unit that expensive that’s actually okay if you ask me. And what do you mean by terrible archers? Who has terrible archers in Feudal Age? The ones you name actually have bonuses for their archers, so cheap counterplay that is a lot less taxing on your economy is very doable. You don’t need to commit on arches since the Lancer player is likely not able to mass lancers as they require both scout and archer eco.
Obviously the mongol bonus would apply in Castle Age, just like it applies for Light Cavalry in the Castle Age. Tatars have no bonuses for their SL without their UT. I say it’s fine

But if you make the steppe lancer auto upgrade the power spike will be too strong. Just mass a bunch of SL while waiting for castle age, and once you get there you can just run them in the enemy army before they get their upgrades.

And if you make te player pay for the upgrade they will probs shy away from the unit.

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If it is a cheap upgrade, it might actually provide more of a niche for the SL as it would be a medium cavalry unit that you can start to mass in feudal. The one downside of knights is you have to wait till castle to produce. If you could mass SL in feudal, you could have a window of opportunity in early castle where they would have an advantage over knights. But I agree that an auto upgrade would probably be a little to strong.

Ngl those are some really well thought out balance changes. I’m sure a few things could be tweaked… kipchaks could be borderline op for certain civs, and I’m not sure the Koreans need a biff yet but all in all probably the best list of balance changes I’ve seen since DE started.

Korean need early game eco bonus. Not wood dc.