Balance Changes Revealed

Special Thanks to AoeZone Deathcounter

Koreans: Free Archer Armor, New Technology called Eupseong which gives Towers +2 range, Tower range bonus removed, Panokseon effect will be default most likely
Bulgarians: 50% cheaper siege workshop and blacksmith techs on food, Blacksmith works 80% faster
Indians: Camels +1 pierce armor per age, starting in Castle Age, but lose Plate Barding
Tatars: TCs spawn 2 sheep in starting in the Feudal Age, Silk Armor +1/1 armor
Turks: Scout–line +1 pierce armor
Celts: Militia-line don’t move faster in Dark Age
Khmer: Eles move 10% faster
Portuguese: Technologies are researched 30% faster
Goths: Loom can be researched insantly
Aztecs: Villagers carry +3 extra resources rather than +5
Lithuanians: Leitis Pierce armor reduced to 1

Koreans: Totally usable, great 1v1 and flank TG civ.
Bulgarians: With Crossbows totally usable, good civilization.
Indians: Unnecessary, why would you ever buff Indian Camels? Already a broken TG unit. Probably they removed Imperial Camel and added Knights and Elephants, but it’s unlikely. Oh wait, they removed Plate Bardings, Indians are going to be the worst civilization in the game.
Tatars: Pretty nice, more unique than 100% longer lasting sheep + CA buff=Tatars are great
Turks: I thought that first the bonus was starting in Castle Age similar to the Mongols. Their Scout rush is gonna be scary and they can be a good civ finally.
Celts: I don’t mind it
Khmer: It’s not a big nerf, Eles will still be broken.
Portuguese: Good, Portuguese will be strong.
Goths: Nerfing a bad civ, why? People were crying about laming, not the six militia drush. I hope they will get a tech tree buff to compensate it. Ohh, people are gonna research Loom instantly and go for the lame again.

This doesn’t Slavs, tech tree and unit balance.


I tried to post those but mods deletd the post lol

WTF FE smoked to give turks extra PA for free…
LOVE the Bulgarian and Tatar ones
And Khmer finally nerfed
And you missed Goths: Loom is researched instantly


i would take these with a grain of salt, some incredibly strong ones here… i would bet they arent fully implemented… the BS and SWS for bulgaria sounds crazy high… would be very happy to see it but yeah…

also if the PA for scouts is real, then thats something i recommended months ago… :joy: :joy:

remember that was 2 sheep per TC? since it says TC spawns 2 sheep, not starts with 2 sheep. so its +300 food per tc, which again sounds dubious…

the guy might have just missed them

also i wonder why the mods keep deleting these things…

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The one I like the most is the Bulgarian one.

I saw it being used in the Civ concept LLC mod. Not sure if they’ve stolen it from there. Wouldn’t surprise me. The concept of a Krepost was also from there.

I have to redesign 4 of my civs, but I don’t mind. :smiley:

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check the OP… blacksmiths also work 80% instead of 50% faster, unlike other % changes this might actually be a buff

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Yeah, I hope all those civs are playable on most maps. The only buff which worries me a bit is the Portuguese one. Is it strong enough? Can’t judge it at all.

I don’t know if the Italians got something too.

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Portuguese were the strongest of the 7 weak civs. I think it will be enough. Portugal is already an S+ tier Arena and Water civ.

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remember this excludes unit balancing, as has been mentioned numerous times… if HC are buffed it buffs all gun powder civs (including porto)

if arque is fixed (nevermind buffed) it buffs porto

thats already 2 extra buffs on top of the tech buffs… which are quite big when you consider slow techs like chemistry and top tier techs, or even wheel barrow and loom that means more vils


One thing I have to mention though is that DE Koreans have nothing to do anymore with HD Koreans. They have completely changed the civ identity.

Same thing to a lesser extent happened to Saracens and Persians which got a substantial shift to archer play.


If these are implemented we’ll see how they turn out. Most of them sound good or not-bad.

Only one I expect to be bad is Indians getting +1 extra PA in imp. In 1v1s you’ve finally gotten to the stage where you have good units once you reach imp. As the others mentioned Indians will be even more broken in team games. It seems to just make the Indian 1v1/team-game imbalance worse.


We welcome an Indian identity change. :smiley:

Koreans became a Post-Imperial Tower spamming civilization like Japanese instead of a Trush civilization like Spanish, Teutons and Incas.

I agree about that Saracens are not a Camel civ anymore, but they might change Zealotry and Memelukes
I think trashbows didn’t change the identity of Persians. You usually see Persian Paladins

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in the OP they speculate loss of blood lines to make up for it…

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or the Imperial Camel upgrade itself.

I can’t believe Imperial Camels would be almost as tanky as Paladins.


Though in the past, you had Hand-cannonneers with them instead instead of trashbows which substantially frees up gold in your army.

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well there could be hp nerfs to imp camel or something along those lines… i dont think its good to remove entire UT from the game especially when that UT was coupled to a unique skin… and i use the term UT in the generic sense

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Is it too much to ask for that you link my AoeZone post?
(If the website allows it)

Much love <3
Thanks OP


I hope not. :wink:
(20 character limit)

Sorry, I deleted half of the post first, including the link of your AoeZone post.


What’s the point of removing free loom and making it instantly researched for Goths?