Balance Concern: African Outlaws

Hi there,

I am concerned with the strength of the african outlaws of being really strong unit. But more importantly how european civs do not have access to them on non african maps but the african civs still have access to these units at the watch tower instead of the inferior outlaw units like the pisteleros/comancheros etc.

As a musketeer style unit, the desert infantry is much much better than the pistelero, train faster, only slightly more expensive but have much less population.

On an african map a german player can hold the garja hausa rush just fine with desert infantry but on an american map the german player has to resort to much weaker crossbows or skip the 3SW shipment to ship palentine settlements just to train outlaws which train slower than uhlans, cost more pop and still lose to the desert warriors. (while desert warriors train faster than uhlans).

There are 2 issues here

  1. the unit themselves are really strong (but dont have the outlaw tag)
  2. different civs have different outlaws depending on the map

The outlaw tag doesn’t exist anymore, or if it does it means nothing since spies don’t have a bonus vs outlaws anymore.

Only European and Asian civs have map dependent Outlaws.
American civs (USA, Lakota etc) always have American outlaws

piseleo isn’t bad though it’s got a strong melee resist and movement speed (more speed), Comercho is good since you don’t get goons til fortress. But the renegado/owlhoot…just sucks it costs 3 pop after dance hall, it’s damage doesn’t scale and it doesn’t benifit from CIR despite it being a rifle unit I think this is a bug.

Also European civs have access to the arciac infantry units: pike and Xbow, which are even cheaper have upgrade cards and aren’t trained from a building you can only have one of and still fairly pop efficient (it saves coin and a lot of food which you can use to reach fortress).

African civs also have a critical gap in their standard army in age II without cards or outside assistance (etheopia doesn’t have li, hausa doesn’t have Hi.

The solution should be upping all other outlaws to the same amount of power and accessibility (by reducing pop to 2)

Or just bring the pop requirement down to earth. You need to build a house for every 2 outlaws… that’s kind of ridiculous. Even after the card they’re still too pop heavy to use past the mid game.

Isn’t that the point? You’re meant to use them early on until you find something better or your bad units are in such big numbers it doesn’t matter.

Then again unless you are playing USA they aren’t upgraded in the industrial age and you only have one tavern so it may be incentive enough.