[Balance ] Making Indians UU better

Here to talk about nerf for Indians.
Fishermen now only work 10% faster…Great u nerfed already very shituational bonus. If map generation has lots of shore fish , how is it the problem of civ? If map has lots of already built farms, will u nerf slavs, vikings and aztecs? if map has lots of hunt, will u nerf mong to 10% also?

Even if u save around 800-1000 food for 100 vills, what choices indians have for army? Just one unit which is too expensive to upgrade. Previously u nerfed indian camels by removing bonus melee armor and also removing arbalest. Camels for indians need to work like knights and they fail miserably at that too. Paladin is generic upgrade and they are better at everything because of better armor, imperial camels are unique unit for godsake! Just give imperial camel +1 melee and pierce armor.

Now don’t even get me started on the actual unique unit- The ELEPHANT ARCHER. They dont’t have range of archer, mobility of cav archer, attack of elephant and they are listed in 5 classes. This unit just has too many counters and they can’t evade as they have no mobility. They don’t work like front like tank or backline archer. Why are u guys so stubborn to make this unit viable? Just give ele archer +1 range on shatagni along with hand cannons.
No older civ has been nerfed that much.
What are ur thoughts on this?

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