Balance recommendation

Due to mongonel nerf, crossbows in castle age become insanely strong. In the golden league, we always see knights + crossbows. Here are some ideas to make it more balanced:

  1. Reduce the crossbows range from 5 to 4 and increase attack bonus agianst heavy armor by 2.
  2. Increase the castle/imp archers range from 5 to 6

By doing this, essentially we make archers as a soft counter to the crossbows since they have a better range and are moving faster. Also, this makes mongonels more useful since if now you separate your crossbows, you are unable to make all your crossbows attack the same target. Further, horseman is also slightly better vs crossbows.

By doing this, basically we let the following things happen:

  1. Make archers more useful in castle/imp ages.
  2. Make horsemen more useful.
  3. Make mongonels more useful without buffing them.
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We just need to improve the mangonels effectiveness againsy them.
Although i am definitely not against improving horseman too.
Maybe improving their base attack, or having the blacksmith +1 also affecting their bonus damage as well as the base

Make elephants with grapeshot cannons to counter crossbows and all infantry.

what , no!

Crosbows are fine! they are a really slow unit (in terms of shooting) and they do high damage.

Balance is good with those units!

I dont want another siege fest , playing with units its way more fun than playing with siege.

No! this is agaisnt the core fundation! Archers should be an early unit , useful in the feudal age , then in castle age crosbows and in imperial handcannoneers (ik that hand cannoneers are still under the meta)

Agree … kinda…

If you dont buff them , how they are going to become any good? As i said the game is far better without mangonel siege fest .

That’s not true. Otherwise, we should not design archer can be upgraded in imp age.
We can find other two feudal units are still very useful in the later ages:
Spearmen can counter knight and save sieges
Horsemen are good at raid and still good at attacking ranged units like crossbows and handcanooner.
However, for archers, except for English, no one builds them at all.

By giving archers 1 more range will help archers find its own position in the later ages. And this will not be op at all since they are still weaker than longbows.

For crossbows, my plan is not strictly nerf, they may count heave armor units more since their bonus damage is increased.

The mongonel should counter units sitting in a small area. For example, you have 30 horsemen and your opponent has 60 archers. If 60 arhchers sit together, it is difficult for horsemen to kill all of them. However, with mongonel, you force your opponent to separate their archers, thus your horsemen will win. Reduced range will punish the separation but at mean while, the power is not changed when they sit together.

Due to the current poor AI, Horseman will circle around Archer and be attacked and die. Horseman really needs a boost, the current Horseman is still too weak.

Crossbows don’t need change. Fix the thing that you messed up. Fixed mangonel.

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Archers are cheap units that can be upgraded in all ages , but it’s core designed for feudal age . It’s expected that in imperial age you will use crossbows instead of archers , archers should be almost useless in imp, as it’s rn.