Balance suggestion: hide the civ that was randomly chosen during loading screen

This is how it works in WC3 and rewards random players and scouting.

In the following scenario:
Player 1 selects civ as Random, player 2 selects civ as Britons.
Civ Goths is randomly selected for player 1

Player 1 sees civs as Goths and Britons.
Player 2 sees civs as Britons and Goths.

New situation:
Player 1 sees civs as Goths and Britons.
Player 2 sees civs as Britons and Random.

So the random player would still see the civ they received while loading. The only thing that changes is that the opponent has to respond while the game is going on instead of being able to prepare in the loading screen. It would be nice to also hide it in the diplomacy menu, but that would be a bigger change. I’d like more but also want to propose the smallest change possible, so only during the loading screen.


Yes… and hide the scores too

Yes and also hide how many teammate and enemy

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And hide the fact that a game is even going on at all.


Aoe2 only players find this drastic but its actually ok. Like you mentioned it is fine in wc3 only providing a small advantage nothing broken while also discouraging pick masters which aoe2 has a problem with in low and mid level (franks anyone?) Though it might be gujus and hindus now

And in wc3 its even more radical to have random because the civs play out so different. Though scouting is faster and easier


I like your idea. It is a buff to picking random. It might stop some civ pickers to just play one civ only.

I do hope that most of the other posts are trolls, since they contain terrible ideas.


Well, trolling is a way to criticize an idea. Clearly this suggestion is not popular.

Not being popular doesn’t mean it’s wrong.

Many times people don’t realise how much they’ll like something until they try it, and sometimes it needs to be used a bit before even people that dislike it realise that it’s actually ok.

I think ram elephants were thought as a joke before they were implemented

Camel scout? Starting with extra berry bushes

I mean I even thought garrisoning sheep would be problematic. It happens it is, but that’s just a numbers problem.

People said foundation scouting was a feature and part of the skill gap. Recently on Reddit we were reminded we have people that literally still think poor pathing (Vils included) is part of the skill of the game


Yes totally agree. And some people in the game think that showing number of villagers in the panel will make this game a sim city or bistro and say that people should learn how to “feel” which is a part of the skill gap.

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I believe this will make laming more present, as player has another reason to go to the enemy base faster.

Once again someone that want to enforce random playing as the way to go. You just have to balance the civs, make the civ pick independant of the map and nobody will complain.

This doesn’t work the way you think it does. There are extremely polarising matchups on certain maps. And more than likely will lead to civ pickers picking the better generalist civs.

And doesn’t incentivize random any more than current system.

What? :thinking: Is this not earth?

And? Laming will still have the same drawbacks and RNG involved. Neither is this true by much extent because the majority of players can’t simultaneously reliably lame and multitask their base.

And if anything this is a good thing, because it forces players out of safely carrying out X build order because they know Y civ will most likely do Z

Same applies to safely pushing deer

More than just that. You need to make the civs more appealing to play. Port, Italians etc civs that lack identity aren’t not picked only due to balance. They’re also not picked due to being boring /have better alternatives

How vietnamese scouting bonus would be implemeted with this? Would they know the enemynciv or only the architecture set of the TC?

Im guessing it would be fine if they knew the enemy on start. Not like viet are dominating the ladder at the moment