Balance suggestions for the next patch

Balance changes for the next patch. (Please this is my point of view so don´t take it seriously).


.Feitoria work rate decreased from 1.6 food, 1.0 wood, 0.7 gold, and 0.3 stone per second to 1.6 food, 0.8 wood, 0.5 gold, and 0.2 stone per second. Feitoria will never be viable in land maps so I bealieve it´s a good change to lower the late game strenght of portuguese on island maps.


.You get the 50% of the food you pay when researching a tech back converted to gold ( for example researching a 100 food tech will grant you 50 gold).

.Inquisition tech now provides +10 hp for halbs.


.Wood cost discount from -100 wood to -75 wood.

.Second mining technologies for free instead of all free.

.Redemption is no longer needed to convert the hussite wagon.


.El Dorado (Eagle Warriors have +35 hit points)(was +40)


.No longer have free parthian tactics

Short answer: No
El Dorado what it needs at maximum is to be more expensive, and for Tatars, they are just fine.
Also you propose to nerf the Bohemians discount when is barely game breaking thing.

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El Dorado is like one of the most OP Uts ever, saying that you shouldnt even consider to touch it seems dumb.


Honestly I think El Dorado is fine as it is. Mayans problem is their early game.

I’d recommend resource lasting longer doesn’t apply to farms (and fish traps) to hurt their eco from late feudal to until end. Often people underestimate how much wood this saves together with their cheaper archer. On top of this one I’d also want to nerf their early game as this doesn’t affect their dark age at all. For that I’d propose to increase their resource penalty 50 food → 75 food or 0 wood → 25 wood.

Tatars is completely fine as it is. No need to change.

Wait till official win rate comes.

What is the reason behind this? :thinking:

Nice idea but I don’t think Spanish is the civ that is crying for a buff.

And guess what? People will still do what they are doing in Island maps as Portuguese and non-Portuguese player will complain just as much as they now. Fix Feitoria in a different way where it does not produced infinite resource or at least comes with a greater prize other than only 20 population space and 250 stone, 250 gold…

Spanish have a problem in rhe early game. Not rhe late game.

And now this civ is garbage on anything that isn’t arena.

Yes because tatars are so strong that theh are dominant.


and the 50% gold isn´t a early game buff? first wood upgrade (feudal age) 50 extra gold.

monk conversion rate is random, this tech doesn´t make sense. You can win a monk conversion fight with every full upgraded monk civs if u are lucky.

Not really no. The early game is all about food and wood.


¨El dorado eagles are fine¨.whats ur elo? in every ranked/tournament mayans are top pick bcos of this, if u want a casual auto win civ just pick aztecs.

No. They are a top pick because of their insane eco, cheap archers, plumes, and eagles. The fact is most mayan games I see don’t even get to the point where El dorado matters.

Does it need a nerf? Probably. I’d increase the price if it needed it.

I’d nerf their longer lasting resources and archer discount.

My elo is ~1000 but most of the tournaments where Mayan is picked, El Dorado is not needed to research. The game usually ended even before that.

I mean I never heard from anyone that Spanish struggles to deal with Cavalry so their pikes need a buff. As for conversion, it is random. But Inquisition gives the opposite effect of Faith, lowers both the average and maximum time for a successful conversation.

Seems a bit broken… I mean, it could be balanced if it is restricted to a small number of techs, like just mining techs, or infantry techs… but all of them? Including the goldless BS techs? That’s too much…

Why? What does +10HP in post imp? Why they need a buff? Why attaching it to the inquisition UT?

Maybe the other way around would be better. The early eco upgrades are always better as a bonus, and they help on a more crucial moment of the game.

Having only the castle age ones is a bad bonus…

Another option, would be to just give them the gold upgrades or the stone upgrades, but that too seems a bad and too situational bonus.

That’s not how siege should work…

Very very minor nerf… I wouldn’t mind, but it won’t have any effect either… so unless you remove it to give it to a civ that needs it more, I don’t see the point…