Balance Suggestions

Really loving the state of the game right now. I’m still not much good, but the game feels like it’s in a really good place. There are a few thoughts I’ve had recently though about things to look at in the next update.

  1. It still feels like most civs have very obvious or prominent landmarks. Instead of nerfing some, it feels like buffs are in order for the neglected landmarks. A few examples/ideas off the top of my head:
    a) Kremlin should come with free professional scouts + ability to create scouts . OR Kremlin can convert professional scouts into horsemen for free OR Kremlin grants 5 free scouts when built (this + professional scouts even).
    b) Meinwork Palace can make landsknecht in age 2 OR all levels of armor upgrades available at any age (same cost) OR economic upgrades researched here also get discount OR discount on line upgrades as well.
    c) Chamber of Commerce - Can double produce traders OR generates a free trader every minute…

  2. It should still be easier to deny under construction buildings. Or at least, it should be much easier to deny defensive structures being built. Please look at increasing the damage to under construction defensive buildings by 100-200%, and consider giving villagers bonus damage against towers and under construction defensive buildings. Stone walls should also be much easier to deny while being constructed. Like 10 times easier than currently – stone walls shouldn’t be quick wallable.

  3. I’m mostly a team game guy, and trade has really taken over (particularly the Malians). You may consider capping trade somehow. Or making it more expensive to mega trade boom. Ideas:
    a) cap number of traders by age.
    b) Introduce market scaling dynamics. 1st Market = 100, 2nd = 150, 3rd = 300 wood, ETC. Dropping seven markets each on mountain pass too obvious and easy.

  4. Heavy Calvary should be slower overall, but maintain or increase current charge speed. This hurts them for raiding purposes (not what they should be used for anyway) - but keeps them as deadly in combat.

  5. Reduce english villager to villager attack damage somehow.

  6. Make siege towers work over palisade walls, and have them act as a gate for infantry. Ensure units can dismount from the top of stone walls without a gate. Siege towers have the potential to really balance out trade booming.

Your suggestion for capping trade gave me an idea. Maybe have it so that the more traders you have, the less each of them brings back. For example, say you have a trade route now that would normally give 100 gold. You could have:

1 Trader brings back 100 gold
2 Traders = each one brings back 95 gold
3 Traders = each one brings back 90 gold.

or something like that. This even makes sense from a supply and demand perspective. The more you flood the market with goods, the less you’ll be able to get for those goods, and you’ll have to find the point where Marginal profit equals marginal cost to get the maximum return (the only thing I remember from Econ 101 lol)

The siege towers idea was brought up in the Season 3 survey so devs are definitely thinking about that.

Also on the survey I put landmark balance as the #1 balance issue right now, so I agree with your assessment. (You could argue the #1 issue is Malians being underpowered based on win rate, but I hadn’t personally played any ranked or QM games as Malians so I didn’t feel I had a right to mention that)

I strongly agree with what you said about quick-walling with stone walls. They’re too strong to be that easily built.

I would be curious see something like siege ladders added to the game somehow, either as a technology or a field built siege tool, to allow infantry to climb undefended walls. This would incentivise defending walls with ranged units, which would in turn make siege towers useful for protecting approaching units. This would have to pair up with what you said about units being able to dismount on the other side of the walls, too.