Balance Suggestions

I have created a mod to balance the civilizations and adjust game phasing.

The main idea is to allow more fighting and less running in Tool Age. More hit point for villagers at the start of the game and a technology which increases their hit points to 40 and gives +1 slash armor allows defensive strategies to be used. Having Tool Age technology as a requirement and Town Center as a research location ensures that aggressive strategies will stay viable.

Bronze Age fast units and Composite Bowmen have received slight nerf allowing other units to be more viable, especially at late Bronze Age after all technologies have been researched. This allows civilizations without good archers or the strongest cavalry to still be strong.

The single unit, single strategy civilization bonuses have been removed in favor of smaller bonuses for larger groups of units to allow more strategic choices in game.

I have also recreated four color palettes (red, orange, brown, purple) making it easier to distinguish each player color.

Additional information about this mod can be found at:

This mod can be downloaded at:

Please leave a comment and tell me what you think about the balance changes and color adjustments.


Hello Pate, nice work there bro!

Some questions.

Is it possible to download only the color changes ?
im color blind and it would help me a lot.

would it work on Steam version with other players who dont have it ( talking about only the colors change) ?

best regards.

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Yes, you can apply the color changes only.
The color palettes are in the .zip file alongside all other files.
The palettes can be found at: Steam/AOE DE mod files/Assets/Palettes

and to apply them you need to copy the files into:

Yes, the color changes will work in multiplayer games even if you are only one using them.


Thanx bro. It was easy to install.
Improved my game colors.
You are the best!