Balance update

I just chek my game historic and i played againt Rus litterraly more than 50% of the time and the other 50% is against France or Mongole. The current meta is even worth than springale spam, because, at least, springal was age 3 units and the ram was a good option to denie your opponenet to go castle age.

Right now, litterraly 100% of game i played, it was pro scout festival. No feodal agression are possible because ram is pretty much usless (at my level) and Rus can litterraly sit in base with food / wood under tc and don’t even need to build a miner camp (because ofc, cav archer don’t need gold).

Most of the time, i am quite indulgent about balance when the game is young, but we need more than 1 balance patch per 3 months. I just can’t play the ladder right know because i know i will play against Rus pro scout again and again and again.


Yeah if you don’t go pro scout (unless your English maybe) then you are at a pretty big disadvantage. All my past 6 games or so have been age of professional mongol and I’ve lose 4 of them because I try and do something different other than pro scouts to try and mix it up like just going for a all in rush but it doesn’t work as they just double produce units so cheaply and spam outposts.