Balanced matches

Hello, I’d like to suggest a balanced match system where you play with others who are around the same level as you.

I’m a noob and I’d like to play with noobs.

I know it can be frustrating !

You know the first multiplayer game i played on age of empire, i lost in 8 minute (a DM) and it was after i tried to hide all my unit in the forest.

The thing is, you can learn from that and the stade of being a noob is easy to overcome, because it is mostly game knowledge. So if you lose a game and wonder why, and if progressing interest you. Don’t mind asking the player after the game.

Now i agree that later, it can be somewhat boring to always face expert if we’re average, but i believe a good system of ranking will be in place.

If not, a custom lobby asking for people of the same level will probably work.

@ComboCookie I agree with Kinzo, im average at best but, like all games, most lessons can be learned by losing.