Ban more maps

Can we please ban more maps in ranked queue? We all have limited time to play, can we have the option to play the maps or strategies we want? I hate having to play 3 games in a row for the hour and a half or more that I have available, only to not be able to use the strategy I want to practice. So now days go by until you’re able to try out a strategy for the first time because queue doesn’t allow for banning more maps. I don’t care if queue time goes up. I want to play the maps and match ups that I feel like playing that day. Not to play 3 games of Arabia when I want Arena or 3 games of Arena when I want Arabia, or all Nomad/Water maps when I want land.

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I say same thing in every map pool topic : Increase the number of maps like 50 or more. Give people 45 ban rights so people can play whichever map they want and try their own strategies.Maybe it will increase the waiting time but people will enjoy much more.


I think 50 is too much. Maybe like what they did in EW

I dont know the system in empire wars,never play it;but, there are around 150 maps in standard single play map pool. We can bring 100 ot them to ranked. There are tons of player who like playing new map, building their own strategies in less populer maps so it will increase the joy much more.

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Fact is that with the current system every player has almost 1 map in common with any other player. This way it takes less time to find a match: the system finds the opponent before selecting the map, as anyway almost 1 map will be shared

Even give 1 more ban would mean to change the system, since it would have to prioritize the map over the player.

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